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not confident at all, need tips

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pullingmyhairout100 Fri 19-Jul-19 17:56:43

Hi all

Long story short i was made redundant in May and since then i have started a business, my husband has helped me and some days i try so hard to overcome my fears and act all confident but then when i'm alone i just don't feel i can do it.

I've got the business all up and running and also done fb page and instagram, not really knowing how to do it but spent ages on it but when i've asked friends to like it and share it for me, only 40% have and i'm deflated cos these are all people i personally know and have helped them out in the past if they have asked me but i am just taking it personally and my hubbie said i shouldnt but i was just hoping for a little help.
I need tips on how to overcome my confidence issues and say bugger them. I'm aware people won't want the items i'm selling but just a little like isn't too hard, today someone unliked the page too, well i went into melt down.

I just feel i should give up and go and look for a job rather than carry on.

Thanks for reading x

TheVoiceInTheShed Fri 19-Jul-19 18:23:39

You need to find a different way if advertising your product - what is it? Can you go to craft fairs/local advertising?
It isn't fair to expect anyone to spread the word on FB - it's a bit embarrassing as people might not like what you are selling

Lonoxo Fri 19-Jul-19 21:38:46

Sorry about your redundancy. I have to agree with your DH. I have a policy of not liking any pages on FB. It’s nothing personal regarding my friends. I’m just choosing to use FB that way. I agree with PP, you need to look at other ways of marketing. What area is your business in?

pullingmyhairout100 Mon 22-Jul-19 16:09:50

hi i understand what yr both saying regarding fb likes from friends, my main reason to come on here was to ask for advise about getting my confidence back to try and get over the pitfalls of friends not liking my page and how to not let this get to me and give up at the first hurdle.

My business isnt for craft fairs etc, its a business for homeowners who want new doors. Composite doors. i know its a market not many mums venture into but i had a bad experience so have got all the knowledge i can get and created a business. I'm doing local advertising so hopefully if that takes off i will gain my confidence that way.

Vesperia Mon 22-Jul-19 16:24:58

i feel your pain - sales is the easiest thing in the world when your great & the hardest thing in the world when your not - success breeds success so they say.

I'm in a similar position, made redundant last year & we started a new business doing the same thing last November & I can honestly say is really really tough. I get up & tell myself every single day if I try & don't do great it's still better than not having tried at all

Good luck

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