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Clothes shopping @ Waterloo

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buzzing Wed 12-Jun-19 21:15:56

I have a very rare night out in London on Friday night and I a) have no idea what people wear on a night out these days and b) no opportunity to get to any shops (other than M&S!) between now and then.

I know there is an Oliver Bonas at Waterloo station - what are my chances of finding something suitable there? Or I'll be going from there to Southwark - any other shopping opportunities?

To add to the challenge, I will have about half an hour spare before I need to be at the hotel.

Should I not even attempt to buy something and try to pick the least "mumsy" (god, I hate that word) thing in my wardrobe?

Needallthesleep Wed 12-Jun-19 22:31:51

Can you order online and pick up in store at Bonas? The Waterloo one is pretty big so you should be fine. As a Londoner who occasionally still gets a Friday night out I would be going for a midi dress and heels (like the one below).

Alternatively can you order from M&S and collect in the Waterloo store? They have some good midi dresses.

IcelandicYoghurt Wed 12-Jun-19 22:35:35

I used to live OB but then I out on weight and now all their clothes looks shit on me blush. They are objectively good clothes though.

Tbh your only options at Waterloo/Southwark would be the OB and (small) M&S at Waterloo. I'd try to sort something out before if you oosycab, then pop in to OB and you never know you might be lucky, but at least you won't be completely desperate..

IcelandicYoghurt Wed 12-Jun-19 22:36:03

Oosycab = if you possibly can

SRK16 Wed 12-Jun-19 22:43:09

In addition to OB & M&S there’s also a Joy at Waterloo, and I think another couple of shops but can’t recall the names..

cestlavielife Wed 12-Jun-19 22:44:54

Get the 507 bus from Waterloo up to Victoria,street for tons of shops

Dollywilde Wed 12-Jun-19 22:46:39

Think the Joy has shut @SRK16 sad

JoJoSM2 Thu 13-Jun-19 06:55:35

Could you order online for next day delivery? It takes time to try stuff on and you don't want to leave it till 30mins before the event. You could also pop into M&S as they do have some pretty fashionable ranges although not every store stocks them.

MaudesMum Thu 13-Jun-19 08:07:59

Depending where you are going to in Southwark, it might make sense to get the tube to London Bridge where there's a small shopping mall under the station - just checked and there's a Whistles and Ted Baker. Also lots of great makeup shops, not that you're looking for makeup..

buzzing Fri 14-Jun-19 13:23:49

Thank you - tried a lunch time whistle stop tour of M&S yesterday but no luck. It’s a small shop to be fair, with a large Classic range section!

Will try suggestion of tube to Victoria & will rush through OB while I’m at Waterloo. Managed to wangle an extra 15 minutes or so. It’s like Challenge Anneka, the 2019 reboot.

Wish me luck!

Bloodybridget Fri 14-Jun-19 13:32:10

I wouldn't spend time getting from Waterloo to Victoria when you are so pushed. Better to get a bus over Waterloo Bridge to Covent Garden.

buzzing Sat 15-Jun-19 08:28:56

Oliver Bonas at Waterloo came up trumps & I bought this beauty

Excellent night out, felt more like me than in a long time. Thanks for the advice everyone !

dirtymopbucket Sat 15-Jun-19 08:31:43

Ooh nice! And glad you had a good night out OP!

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