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Help plz

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Awhelpamammy Wed 12-Jun-19 11:02:58

I got a 6yr old girl, (7 in 2 weeks)
She gets money from family members alot n we keep ot aside for her if she ever wants to spend it she can. She has a real issue with buying anything doesn't want to spend it, doesn't want anyone to buy her anything, gran was going to give her spending money for holiday and says she doesnt want it.
Has on occasions said she gets loads and other boys and girls get nothing. That its not fair..... I really dont know whats going on her wee head yes gd to save but doesnt ever want to spend doesnt even want birthday prezzies in 2 weeks time.... Also found out gonna be big sister has been very happy for 5weeks untill other day. Wants me to take back. She doesn't want it anymore. I know kids go thro stages but im just really worried now..... She acting so out of character for a wee while now n cnt put finger on it. We tried chatting nothing becoming clear
(lost her 5year old best friend in dec- had health issues and died of a stroke could this be a delayed issue from that)

Bluetrews25 Wed 12-Jun-19 13:17:40

I think she needs to see someone. Can you start with the GP? She sounds unhappy and as if she is not worthy of nice things. Not nice for anyone, especially one so young.

ElizaPancakes Wed 12-Jun-19 14:14:05

Oh bless her, she sounds so sad!

I agree I think she needs to talk it through with someone, play therapy maybe? It could well be linked to the loss of her friend, children make odd associations that we as adults would never think of.

I’d start with the GP and go from there.

Awhelpamammy Thu 13-Jun-19 13:21:28

Thanks so much for ur input. Been getting mixed reviews from family members and didn't know what way to turn as some family think its just a stage as generally a happy go lucky child.... So greatful

ElizaPancakes Thu 13-Jun-19 14:27:07

I have three children - while they might have a moment of “l’ll give my brother this ten pence” they’ve never acted like your daughter is. This is the first time I’ve seen it on MN as well, I’ve been a member for years.

I think the issues round money are a red herring - she’s recently lost a friend. It’s worth having some therapy just to learn how to deal with that trauma.

Graphista Thu 13-Jun-19 17:53:04

Does sound like a grief reaction.

The spending side, could you point her to ethical spending?

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