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What seemingly insignificant event changed the course of your life?

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ladybee28 Mon 21-Jan-19 18:26:26

Someone asked me this morning how I ended up living where I do (small island off the coast of Africa), and the genuine answer is that my ex-boyfriend's roommate found a good deal on a surfboard on eBay...

My boyfriend at the time and I were living in Senegal. Things had been pretty crap between us for a while, and when we had a huge row one day, it felt like we needed space. So he moved out, and started sharing a new place with a surfer.

One night they got pretty drunk together and this guy found a surfboard for sale on eBay. Only thing was, it wasn't in Senegal – it was on the island where I now live.

In their drunken state, they bid on it, they won, and they decided to book flights to pick it up (it's not so far, flights were fairly cheap). My ex thought it would be romantic to book me a flight too, as a 'make-things-up-to-you' getaway.

So off the three of us fly for a long weekend... in which I reach boiling point with said boyfriend, break up with him, and decide to stay on this island for a month to cool off.

3 years later... here I am still! And I often wonder where on the planet I would be if that surfboard had been listed somewhere else...

What random event / insignificant thing ended up playing a huge part in your life story?

Moononthehill28 Wed 23-Jan-19 23:24:54

I answered an ad from someone in the paper who had moved from NZ to my home town and was looking for new friends. This was pre internet!! I made friends with her and some other people who also answered the ad. She threw a party one night at her flat. I didn’t know anyone who was going to be there apart from one woman, and didn’t feel like going. I had recently had a breakup with someone I thought I was madly in love with and had given up on men.
I remember sitting in the living room wondering whether to go or just not bother. I did go, and met my now OH there. That was many moons ago.

MulticolourMophead Thu 24-Jan-19 14:02:39

I do suspect that if I'd been allowed to go with the back up O level option in group 1, I'd be on a different career path now.

At the time, there was a huge push in science along with languages. My parents were happy that I was selecting sciences as options, and I was told to choose French as well. Those selected to do these were put into some form of elite group.

Now, I was fabulous at sciences, but my French was crap. Largely to do with my poor hearing. I would have been totally happy with my 2nd option of Design instead of French, in fact I do a lot of creative crafts as hobbies.

Who knows what I could have done if I'd followed my real interest in art and design? Maybe I wouldn't have met my abusive ex.......

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