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Anyone else feel like they are too skint for christmas?

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mamadiva Mon 07-Sep-09 10:53:45

Just saw the Christmas topic and thought oh shit!

I knew it was close and all but it's just hit me that we have got so many debts and bills to be paid off that I really doubt we'll be able to afford pretty much anything!

I got DS(3) a remote control Roary car and a big marble run set in sales but I'd feel awful just giving him that! Plus I have a 14YO brother and 3YO twin sisters so obviously need to buy for them too. I normally buy for adults but just don't hink I can this year!

ARGH please tell me I'm not the only one!

shinyshoes Mon 07-Sep-09 11:31:25

As a child I was happy just getting smellies for christmas.thing is in this day and age the childen have to keep up with their peers and need the lastest PSP or mobile phone.

We have seiously cut back on bithdays and set a limit for christmas too. It was getting ridiculous we were spending aound £2000.00 just for the 2 children and my OH.

I have asked this children what they both want a DSI. I have told thenm that's it and they are to get nothing else as there is an exta addition to the family now and they have everything known to mankind.

DP and I have also said no more than £50.00 to be spent on eachother either.

I don't buy for my sisters I just buy fo their children and vice versa we are all happy with this agreement.
PIL will get a bottle of scotch and MIL will get a magazine subscription bought with Tesco's vouchers converted into deals.
Shopping will be bought with Tescos stamps I have saved all year for.

I have also bought 3 vanity cases from the body shop with bits and bobs in reduced from £35.00 to £7.50 in the sales.
it's as cheap or as expensive as you make it.

I'm a bit smug as you will find a thread on here where i am pretty much done and that was in August grin.

Christmas is the same date every year and I can't undestand people that wait until the kids are back to school befoe they start buying when there are hardly any sales on or bargains to be had.

No-one should be getting into debt for what is essentially one day of the year (i'm not saying you ae going to get into debt just some people in general)

bigchris Mon 07-Sep-09 11:32:56

xmas isn't close at all
we have ages
<puts head back in sand>

longtermfamilyplanning Mon 07-Sep-09 11:34:30


(and I have no money!) grin

will happily panic with you!

mogs0 Mon 07-Sep-09 16:17:01

It's not even the cost of things that bothers me (although that is a factor) it's the fact that every member of my family go way over the top and buy loads of presents for each person. We usually each have a main present which everyone chips in on then lots of little presents.

My ds is the only child in the family and he gets so many things that there just isn't any room to keep them all and he doesn't have the time to play with most of it.

I set a limit for my mum and 2 sisters (the worst offenders for over-buying!) that they can only buy 3 presents each for ds and if any of the presents are bigger than a shoe-box they'll have to be kept in their own houses (they're not so keen on getting football tables and yet another racing track now!). They are desperately trying to find ways around my new rules but I'm standing firm! They think I'm being unfair to ds and can't understand where I'm coming from at all.

LadyoftheBathtub Mon 07-Sep-09 16:24:55

Yes. I'm pg and we're probably moving house too, and tbh I would like to call Christmas off. It's not just the cost, though I could really do without that part. It's the shopping and posting and general organisation - urgh.

I was thinking of asking family members if we could just not bother with presents. It's a bit different with children of course, but I don't see why adults have to swap presents.

Buda Mon 07-Sep-09 16:41:34

There are usually lots of threads on the same subject with lots of ideas for keeping costs down.

We decided to stop buying for all adults a few years ago. We put all the adults names in a had and pull one out and buy for that one adult and limit it too.

I remember when I was growing up we didn't get presents from all and sundry. Def didn't get from aunts and uncles - they were all too busy buying for their own kids. One year I remember my parents and aunts and uncles were all struggling and decided to just buy one family present each - decided in advance. So my parents bought a box of biscuits for each family. Another family bought boxes of chocolates. Etc etc.

I think from this year we will put limits on the cost of presents for the children too. My parents now have 7 grandchildren and one sister is PG with twins so that will be 9! Makes it very expensive so I think an agreed limit will help. My Dad decided a few years ago to do stockings at my parents for all the grandchildren. There were only 4 then. He is regretting it now. He needs to build another chimney.

Home-made presents always go down well. There should be loads of ideas on here. If you can afford it start buying bits and pieces now if you see things. Lots of people use Boots points for presents too.

Forward planning is key to avoid the headless chicken running around the week before scenario!

PersonalClown Mon 07-Sep-09 16:49:21

Can I join the panic??
With DP moving in and everything, money is going to be very tight and combined we have a lot to buy for.
I'm thinking token presents for everyone and Me and DP do our own presents when we have a bit of money.

cheesesarnie Mon 07-Sep-09 16:54:33

far too skint to even consider christmas.ds2 birthday is 19th dec am ignoring it all.

longtermfamilyplanning Mon 07-Sep-09 20:31:27

well DH and I made the liberating decision to not throw our annual party! I just sent out a mass email to the usual invitees so they wouldnt get seasonal paranoia and think their invites had got "lost" etc grin Also going to see how much I can pare my shopping list down now (I mean write a present list up now) so I know exactly what I am looking at rather than have a big vague panic in my head!

Buda Tue 08-Sep-09 05:54:23

I really do think the key is in planning. If you have a list of people you need to buy presents for and keep your eyes open while out shopping you can hopefully grab a few bargains.

The Book People is fab for sets of books. You can split them up if necessary. They also have a "Book Ends' section where you can sometimes get great bargains.

There was a thread on here a few months ago from LaurieFairyCake who had made some gorgeous scented candles in pretty china cups and saucers which she bought in charity shops. I saw some in a magazine the other day to buy and they were NOT cheap! They would make a lovely present.

mamadiva Tue 08-Sep-09 07:29:26

Hi everyone, glad to see it's not just me then

I know christmas is on the same date every year and I really should plan further ahead but I am awful for thinking I'll start next week it's only April then the next thing you know it's bloody September shock scary stuff.

I ike the idea of making gifts but I'm just not sure that anyone in my family would appreciate home made gifts because we have gone so over the top in the past, I think the basic is that my family has lost sight of the meaning of christmas!

DP and I sat down last night and decided we'd buy a good duvet and pillows for ourselves as a gift and maybe spend £10 each. LOL

I don't want my son growing up the way I did (which seemed great at the time) constantly expecting loads and getting everything I wanted at christmas and looking back far to much stuff and I was never grateful enough because I came to expect it anyway!

Flamesparrow Tue 08-Sep-09 07:53:32

Christmas will happen, it always does. Sometimes there is more cheap plastic tat to unwrap than others, but there is always "stuff" for the children.

I am slightly concerned that I can't think about xmas atm as all I am thinking is get past baby being born. But then it occurs to me that after that we will be in November and I will be trying to juggle organising Christmas and getting used to a newborn again blush

admylin Tue 08-Sep-09 08:55:02

I've got 2 things to plan for, Eid is coming up and as dh was brought up in Bangladesh I should make an effort to do something special that day and get a few treats for the dc, then the rest of the family is right into going way over the top at Christmas too. In our family Christmas isn't right unless there is a huge pile of presents (mostly wrapped up plastic tat. I'm preparing my 2 dc not to expect that though becaus even if we could afford it, I find it shouldn't be like that, it's too much.

longtermfamilyplanning Tue 08-Sep-09 09:38:08

Right well my shopping list has 27 people on it.

That includes though, me, DH, DS, a group present for helpers at DS's preschool, and several presents for couples. But I would like me and DH to just get each other something special and nice but not extravagant. We have a lot of stuff we are planning together so it would be nice to save for that.

What sort of stuff do you buy for a group of preschool teachers? This is DS's first year there, he's 3.

GoldenSunset Fri 11-Sep-09 12:16:30

Can you make a batch of cakes?

Littlepurpleprincess Sun 20-Sep-09 17:17:12

I am a little worried too. Me and DP have just got our own place (lived with his parent's before) and are adjusting to living on our own. So we need to but all the decorations and stuff too. Think there will be lots of home made things on our tree!

I also have 5 brothers (!) and a sister, parents, parents in law and step parents!

There are lots of birthdays at this time of year in family as well!

ChasingSquirrels Sun 20-Sep-09 17:25:33

tbh I think the roary car and a few bits - which don't have to cost much at all - will be fine for a 3yo. You could then give the marble run to your twin sisters. And a £10 voucher for your brother.

But then I think people spend far too much in general on gifts.

JemAtTheParrotsTable Sun 20-Sep-09 17:27:15

Me, I am worried.

AphroditesGrannyNightie Sun 20-Sep-09 17:29:06

Mama I'm the same only in Dec I also have:

Dec 13th DS1s 5th birthday

Dec 24th DDs 1st birthday

Dec 4th my sisters 16th, 26th Dec MILs birthday, Dec 19th nephews birthday,

and LOADS in jan & nov too.

We haven't saved a penny Its just come by too fast - we have so much to pay off.

Its shite

AphroditesGrannyNightie Sun 20-Sep-09 17:30:17

Home made gifts would be hmm 'd at in my family too.

I'm gonna have to be ruthless and tell noone to buy for us cause were not buying for them!

Littlepurpleprincess Tue 22-Sep-09 11:35:24

I bought DS a Dinaco helicopter and a space rocket from the Rowcroft shop today, and some little lightening Mcqueen cars at 20p each. He won't know they're second hand will he!

BexieID Thu 24-Sep-09 22:23:02

Xmas is 13 weeks tomorrow grin. DC2 is due xmas day, i'm not really a chrimbo countdown nut!

I've got 2 wooden train sets from ebay for Tom, just need to find a nice box to put it all in.

I think me and DP may ask for money towards a new fridge/freezer from our parents/siblings. May just get each other a little something. What I don't want is more 'stuff'. I sound ungratefull, but we live in a teeny flat with no storage!

BexieID Thu 24-Sep-09 22:26:40

Oh, and people better hurry up and decide what they want or they'll get nothing, lol. I want it all got by the end of November.

Sagacious Thu 24-Sep-09 22:29:48

I know that we can't afford our normal Christmas this year.

My life has turned into a total shit sandwich.

I'm not sure what to do about it.

Personally I just want to bury my head deep deep in the cool sand and panic in November then cry in January when the bailiffs come a'knocking.

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