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anyone found a good deal for a PS3 console/bundle

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copycat Wed 17-Dec-08 17:55:17

DS1 (14) and DS2 (11) have asked for money towards a PS3 console for Christmas but (if I can) I would quite like to buy it for them before Christmas so they have it on the day. It will be a joint present for them both from DH and I and Nanny!
Argos,, HMV, Amazon, Gameplay etc all have bundle deals but some of the 'included' games are adult rated. We obviously need 2 controllers. I guess I am just wondering (in a lazy kind of way grin) whether anyone has already 'shopped around' and can recommend a good deal?
Also (as my DSs are only expecting money for Christmas) I suppose I should ask you all to gaze into your crystal balls and try and predict whether I should wait until after Christmas in case prices come down?

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