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Which Scooter to buy - advice please

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Hummymummy Sat 15-Nov-08 22:09:30

I am thinking of buying my daughter a scooter for Christmas, one I can carry to school and she can ride home. She will be 4yrs 9months at Christmas, in reception class but tall for her age.

I am considering the Micro Mini Scooter for ease of balance etc but wonder if she will get much use out of it given her age & height. Any advise, comments or suggestions? Alternatives?

Would she manage the Micro Lite Scooter?

I am considering the Micro Sprite Scooter for my 9 year old. Any other suggestions?


DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 15-Nov-08 22:33:10

The micro mini scooters are fab but I would have thought too small.

My dd is 3 1/2 and tall but often tips over now on hers, I think, because she is so tall.

I would have thought the Micro lite would be good but may take a litle longer to get to grips with.

Ds (now 7yrs) has the cheap one from woolies and has had it for a few years. Similar to this

Not sure if that is much help!

ChippyMinton Sun 16-Nov-08 08:15:17

My DD is same age and has a two wheel micro scooter similar to DHt's link. After a shakey start she uses it for school everyday and is getting on fine with it.

<Chippy wonders whether she is the only mum who rides rather than carries their DC's scooter blush>

CarGirl Sun 16-Nov-08 08:17:43

my just 5 year old is really too big for her mini micro scooter, you need to eiterh buy her the bigger version without the T bar handle or an ordinary scooter.

I would recommend getting something inexpensive because IME they get rusty & get stolen angry

ELR Sun 16-Nov-08 10:32:59

i would get the micro lite def i just bought the sprite for dd 6 and think maybe its a bit much for her would be perfect for your 9 year old, wish i had got the lite!

Hummymummy Sun 16-Nov-08 21:00:27

Thanks for the advice, just ordered the Micro Lite and Micro Sprite using the Mumsnet 10% discount. So hopefully some happy scooting over Christmas.

NeedaNewName Mon 15-Jun-09 19:01:04

Just looking at getting one of the micro lite scooters for DD1 (5) is there still a mn 10% discount do you know and was it a good scooter hummy?

nappyaddict Sat 18-Jul-09 22:12:20

i would be weary of the micro scooters. have heard of many accidents where they've tripped up on pavements etc. ones with the big wheels better imo.

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