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M&S car mecanno

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TaleofTwoCities Sat 01-Nov-08 20:47:12

Just started some Christmas shopping. The plan is to finish the kids stuff early and avoid overspending at the last minute wink M&S have some good 3 for 2 offers so bought some jigsaws and also for 4 yo ds, this mecanno set So I just got in above £30 and saved the delivery charge as well!

maretta Sat 01-Nov-08 20:57:10

I like that, think my ds would like it... but
can you make anything other than a car. There's a lot of construction stuff about, called creative, but expects you to make what they've decided you should make.
My ds has some mobilo, he loves it and makes some amazing stuff.
I think he's ready for the next step, do you think mecanno is it?

TaleofTwoCities Mon 03-Nov-08 19:34:52

Hi Maretta, hmm I've actually had a rethink about the mecanno and cancelled it. I think you may be right. You can make >1 model with that set but I think it might be too prescriptive and he'd need someone to sit with him doing it. How old is your DS? I've checked out the mobilo - that looks brilliant. Ds loves Duplo and lego, so he'd probably love that! Thanks grin. I'd recommend a basic box of lego if you haven't got that - I saw they are doing a nice anniversary box in JL that looks like it comes straight out of the 70s. Or ds also has knex, he quite likes the smaller knex at the moment. There's also georello park which is a gear wheel construction set - that gets played with quite a bit (I think we have too many construction toys here!!)

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