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MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 15:36:54

I’m starting to think of christmas and I’m REALLY struggling for ideas for my DP.

Previous hits have been-
Gig tickets
A tv
Apple watch
Weekend away somewhere nice

Little things I’ve got him over the years-
That wallet ninja thing
Dressing gown
Warm socks
Trainers (2 years ago, wore them for the first time yesterday 🙄)
Vans (I got a refund on them as he didn’t like them)
Band T-shirt’s

He’s into football massively but doesn’t wear any of their shirts. He’s had training tops, running tops, Football boots etc. He likes drumming but has a set and rarely plays on them so I wouldn’t want to get anything for that. He’s got loads of brand new books he hasn’t gotten around to reading. He’s got an Alexa, Spotify subscription and things like that.

I know people might say just don’t bother this year and put it towards something but this will be the first year my ds spends Christmas with his dad (he’s always spent it here with me but he’s asked to go his dads as he has a new sibling and that fine but I’m sad) so it’s just us to Christmas morning and I love giving presents

Budget is about 200 for everything but I’d be happy to go a bit over if needed.

Thinks I have been thinking are
-grow your own chilli set
-a pizza oven but we have no bbq and no space in the kitchen for it
-one of them draught beer pumps but again, don’t know where that would go
-a sky sports subscription package
- 3D printer but not sure if that would be a fad
ANY ideas would be absolutely amazing


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DogBirthday Wed 06-Oct-21 18:36:58

Last year this was suggested on a similar thread

Daisyxo Wed 06-Oct-21 18:43:41

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pompomsgalore Wed 06-Oct-21 19:57:15

Based on the last comment I have given 'lie in' vouchers and child free time vouchers. When you've got little ones they are gold dust opportunities.

Daisyxo Wed 06-Oct-21 21:55:17

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Clarefromwork Thu 07-Oct-21 00:45:01

Does he like the idea of home brewing ? I got my partner the Pinter last year. It was a new product and has teething issues but they have just released the Pinter 2.

Also, if he’s into cooking maybe a sous vide wand?

Ooni pizza ovens are really good too

DogBirthday Thu 07-Oct-21 02:40:18


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Seriously? On a Christmas thread? It was nothing!


loveforplants Mon 18-Oct-21 03:22:12

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