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MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 15:36:54

I’m starting to think of christmas and I’m REALLY struggling for ideas for my DP.

Previous hits have been-
Gig tickets
A tv
Apple watch
Weekend away somewhere nice

Little things I’ve got him over the years-
That wallet ninja thing
Dressing gown
Warm socks
Trainers (2 years ago, wore them for the first time yesterday 🙄)
Vans (I got a refund on them as he didn’t like them)
Band T-shirt’s

He’s into football massively but doesn’t wear any of their shirts. He’s had training tops, running tops, Football boots etc. He likes drumming but has a set and rarely plays on them so I wouldn’t want to get anything for that. He’s got loads of brand new books he hasn’t gotten around to reading. He’s got an Alexa, Spotify subscription and things like that.

I know people might say just don’t bother this year and put it towards something but this will be the first year my ds spends Christmas with his dad (he’s always spent it here with me but he’s asked to go his dads as he has a new sibling and that fine but I’m sad) so it’s just us to Christmas morning and I love giving presents

Budget is about 200 for everything but I’d be happy to go a bit over if needed.

Thinks I have been thinking are
-grow your own chilli set
-a pizza oven but we have no bbq and no space in the kitchen for it
-one of them draught beer pumps but again, don’t know where that would go
-a sky sports subscription package
- 3D printer but not sure if that would be a fad
ANY ideas would be absolutely amazing


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WellThatsATurnipForTheBooks Mon 04-Oct-21 19:50:01

A Leatherman multi-tool?

DP uses his all the time and says it's one of the best presents he's ever had.


FourLaneEnds Mon 04-Oct-21 20:20:02

If this is your first Christmas - just you and him, I'd focus on that.

Can you afford Christmas Eve and day in a hotel? Somewhere gorgeous.

Or can you make home special and romantic for you both. Gorgeous pj's and bedding. New underwear, stocking to open in bed...
Luxury foods and champagne.

Pieceofpurplesky Mon 04-Oct-21 20:21:14

My ex H loved a raclette - and it had years of use both inside and out

MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 21:45:25

I would LOVE to spend Christmas in a hotel, that would honestly be my dream but no way would our family’s be happy with that plan, plus we’re making the most of a Christmas Eve child free and going to the pub 😅. But everything else sounds lovely, might do us a little luxury Christmas Day box to open, with nice coffee, some champers, nice breakfast stuff… that’s a really good idea!

All these ideas are brilliant, I’ve got a huge list to look up

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KnobJockey Mon 04-Oct-21 21:51:20

I've just bought a book and calendar for do from here, he saw a link with some of the art on and was amazed by it

TheLongRider Mon 04-Oct-21 21:51:32

A coffee or chocolate subscription? Based on recommendations from here I got my DH a chocolate subscription from Cocoa Runners. He loves getting a box of different chocolate bars every month. The novelty hasn't worn off.


goose1964 Mon 04-Oct-21 22:43:08

Our hard to buy fors have had Viking drinking horns this year, son for birthday and DSiL for Christmas.
I found an RHS book on Amazon for my Dad .

LaRobeRouge Tue 05-Oct-21 00:10:12

Magazine subscription? I got DH a Rugby World subscription and DS a Mountain Biker subscription last year.

cavalierkingc Tue 05-Oct-21 10:32:09

agree on lego! Never fails

CoffeeChocolateWine Tue 05-Oct-21 12:33:56

I find my DH very tricky to buy for. I wrack my brains every birthday and Christmas to try and think of something different and unique, and the truth is, the thing he loves and appreciates more than anything is a nice bottle of whisky. I find it quite boring buying the same thing all the time (although I do get different whiskies!) but it’s what he wants.
Other successes have been:
Nice leather belt
Also a belt I bought that was made from recycled inner tyres (he’s a keen cyclist)
Crystal whisky glasses
Fire tools
Sailing knife
Laptop bag
Nice versions of pretty everyday things (like a quality pen)

sashh Tue 05-Oct-21 12:51:57

I used to know a woman who bought herself some lovely underwear as a gift to her husband.

Tour of Wembley?

Cookery lesson? Maybe a pizza making class.

snowspider Tue 05-Oct-21 13:06:28

A grape vine

A horse logging experience day

Holroyd01 Tue 05-Oct-21 14:55:22

I bought my husband a velvetiser for his birthday in Nov last year and he loved it. Also means he gets fancy hot choc for it every birthday and xmas now win win

AnnPerkins Tue 05-Oct-21 14:57:29

This is very specific and maybe not local to you but if you're thinking of gig/theatre tickets would he enjoy the War of the Worlds immersive experience in London?

DH is going with a friend later this month. It looks like it's on until the end of January.

batmanladybird Tue 05-Oct-21 19:50:37

Place marking

ame88 Tue 05-Oct-21 19:51:55

Who does he support? You could pay for a membership or get tickets to an upcoming game?

BeyondMyWits Tue 05-Oct-21 19:58:01

Mine wants lego and Molton Brown black pepper shower stuff...

Well, he really wants a Steam deck gaming thing, but the one he wants is way beyond our budget!

MardyNun Tue 05-Oct-21 19:58:25

We have a velvetiser, I was sucked into buying one after reading the Christmas bargain thread last year 🤣. He supports a big premier league team but he’s already a member but tickets are absolutely impossible to get, I looked into it for his 30th and unless I wanted to pay literal thousands of pounds for a match day experience I had no chance. I love him but not that much 😅.

An experience voucher is a good shout, although I am leaning towards the Phillips draft machine, then get him a personalised glass, some bar snacks and a now that voucher for sky sports?

Then when people ask for ideas (because no one ever knows what to get him!) I might suggest a dash cam or the grill plate someone mentioned before or the pizza stone

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MardyNun Tue 05-Oct-21 19:59:41

Ooo yes the Molton brown black pepper is LOVELY

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Hazel444 Tue 05-Oct-21 20:02:48

I'm getting my hard to buy for DH a banjo. He's mentioned getting one on and off for years now, so I thought why not this year smile I'll probably get him some whisky, fancy coffee and some chilli sauces too.

superstar84 Tue 05-Oct-21 20:28:54

If you get the perfect draft machine just be ready for the delivery

It comes in a huge box and it's heavy! I got it for dh for his birthday and the courier really kindly carried it into the garage for me

I'd have struggled to hide it if dh was in the house!

They did seem really hard to get hold off over the last year so don't hang around too long if it's in stock

Caspianberg Tue 05-Oct-21 20:29:39

If they are too hard to buy for, buy something you kind of fancy yourself, and if they aren’t that keen after a few weeks then win win to you!

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves Tue 05-Oct-21 20:32:17

Ask him for a list and tell him you'll buy one thing from it. So it's still a bit of a surprise but you know he'll like it.

JassyRadlett Tue 05-Oct-21 20:34:12

Does he like to read?

Mr B’s book emporium in Bath has a brilliant book subscription service - you pay for either 6 or 11 months with a book a month. At the start he fills in a questionnaire about what his likes and dislikes and tastes are and every month the staff (who are BRILLIANT) choose a book for him.

UniBallEye Wed 06-Oct-21 13:50:39

I can recommend the Ooni pizza oven! Dh has used ours LOADS and they make amazing pizzas

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