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Best watch for a 4 year old

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Beeboopaboo Thu 29-Oct-20 09:54:53

Thank you for your replies (and sorry for late response, don’t know my way round Mumsnet yet!). I’ll look into Flik Flak.

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Stompythedinosaur Sat 10-Oct-20 18:40:44

My dc had a watch about that age, they were certainly starting to tell the time by then. We had flik flak to start with too.

cultkid Sat 10-Oct-20 17:25:57

Flik Flak are soo robust

I got one for my son last year for Christmas with sharks on
He loves it

Beeboopaboo Sat 10-Oct-20 17:19:52

Hi, I have suggested to my parents that they buy a watch for my son for Christmas (obviously a 'first watch' type) but they have said no, they think he's too young (he'll be 4 years 4 months at Christmas). I don't think he is (obviously, or I wouldn't have suggested it). He's my firstborn so I don't have prior experience of when is a good time to buy a child his first watch. He is good with numbers and interested in gadgets and in the idea of time. What do others here think? And any recommendations?

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