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Stocking ideas for DSs aged 9 and 14

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rara67 Thu 07-Dec-17 09:21:20

Already got chocolate oranges and will add more sweets. Deodorant for DS1 and juggling balls for DS2. Small book each. Did a magazine last year but don’t think they got read. Fifa points card for DS1 again. Any other ideas very welcome. Thanks

CheapSausagesAndSpam Thu 07-Dec-17 10:44:21

What about a multi tool penknife? I got one for my friend's son's fifteenth birthday and he was thrilled with it.

LesLavandes Thu 07-Dec-17 10:45:53

Lush bath bombs. Boys love them

LesLavandes Thu 07-Dec-17 10:48:02

Cheap headphones, Christmas socks, selection box, book of jokes

ParadiseCity Thu 07-Dec-17 10:48:48

Lush also do fidget spinner bubble things.

Mine are pretty much toiletries, stationery, socks and pants. Need to include some fun stuff but cba with shitty-landfill-tat. So i am struggling a bit...

ToesInWater Thu 07-Dec-17 10:49:27

Boxers/knickers, house socks. I always find DD easy - lip gloss, nail varnish, hair ties etc. I struggle more with the boys for stocking fillers.

Abetes Thu 07-Dec-17 10:51:03

Stationery is always good and pants/socks/football socks/shin pads etc.

RockinHippy Thu 07-Dec-17 10:53:38

Magnetic Slime, (both)
good Hair Gel(14yo)
Smoothie Cartons & breakfast bars (both)
Fidget toys

doughnutcraver Thu 07-Dec-17 10:56:24

Fidget cube
Pens/felts/ pencils/ pencil case/ sharpener/ colouring book
Hair gel

Leeds2 Thu 07-Dec-17 11:02:46

A yo yo.
Rubik's cube.
Tube of Pringles.
Jar of Marshmallow Fluff.
Character mug, filled with sachets of hot chocolate and a packet of marshmallows.
Curly straw.
An annual, or Guinness Book of Records.

haba Thu 07-Dec-17 11:10:48

Star wars tooth brush
Socks with Christmas things on
Stationery- boys like it just as much as girls IME, particularly fancy notebooks for their inventions and Minecraft plans...
Lego small sets or minifigs blind bags
Pack of Christmas tissues
New water bottle (star wars)
Snack pots (again star wars)
Glow in the dark stars for their room (with star wars spaceships)
Joke book
Mini torch
And basically anything star wars in this house!

montenana Thu 07-Dec-17 11:56:18

where do you get "boy" stationery?

haba Thu 07-Dec-17 12:26:13

Muji is good (they have squared and graph and isometric paper notebooks), all neutral.
Paperchase often have a "boys" range (as much as it pains me to use boy/girl for these things)
Sainsburys, rymans, all have good multicoloured stuff
Star wars pens etc are all over the place atm
Fimo comes in nice packs as a crafty gift

haba Thu 07-Dec-17 12:27:52

My 9yo also likes moccasin slippers (from H&M) and gloves (we go through many, many pairs)

SnowBallsAreHere Thu 07-Dec-17 12:29:20

That plastic stuff that fixes anything, kind of like fimo for iPhone cables
Lego compatable tape (from eBay)
Dictator top trumps
Xbox live codes

montenana Thu 07-Dec-17 13:21:52

thanks haba

NCquestion Thu 07-Dec-17 13:24:30

Marking place

Also was thinking of putting some nerf type bullets in, has anyone bought any off eBay sellers before?
Would pay for the proper ones but the dog chews them so happy to get the copies as long as they actually fit the nerf guns

SnowBallsAreHere Thu 07-Dec-17 14:31:38

I’ve got a big pack of nerf compatable things from Asda. I think it was £5 or £6 for 90ish.

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 07-Dec-17 14:37:44

Mine are a little older and we've done some of the things listed by PPs.

This year although it is mainly foodstuff, tubes of pringles, bags of popcorn, hot chocolate sachets, microwave mugcake sachets, chocolate and sweets and cans of coke etc. I have also got:

Kurkurin fidget things
keyboard hoovers
Little clip cable management things
Pens with favourite band logo
SOme guitar picks
keychain Money minders (£1 amazon)
some hand exerciser things
Mouse mat

NCquestion Thu 07-Dec-17 14:41:49

Thanks snowballs

BearSoFair Thu 07-Dec-17 15:04:49

My boys are 15 and 8 so pretty close

DS1's stocking:
LED charging cable
Hair products
Sudoku cube

DS2's stocking:
Match Attax
Dinosaur Top Trumps
Dinosaur pen
Lego mini figure blind bag
Juggling balls

MaroonPencil Thu 07-Dec-17 15:09:22

Card games e.g. Pit
Small Lego set/ mini fig
Felt tips (all the ones in the house are on their last legs)
Draw your own comic book
Small magic kit (was about £1.99)
Crystal growing tree
Small Rubik's cube
Voice changer
Lockable diary from Paperchase

rara67 Thu 07-Dec-17 19:56:23

Oh wow some fantastic ideas, love the Pringles and the Dictator top trumps for DS1. He rarely ventures out of the den so anything to engage him with the rest of family. This has really helped me....yesterday we mistakenly went to Asda to buy a couple of cards and DS2 saw a few Nintendo Switch boxes on the bottom shelf and suddenly decided he did want one. I’ve not actually bought a main present yet but I don’t want to get another games system. My heart sank and suddenly all the magic of Christmas disappeared. However this list has made me smile and got me back in the spirit. Thank you

IOwn20PurpleKnickers Thu 07-Dec-17 23:07:37

I got this through on my email with all sorts of ideas, which I'm slowly sifting through. Some good ones.

IOwn20PurpleKnickers Thu 07-Dec-17 23:11:52

OMG where do you get a voice changer from Maroon?

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