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perfume samples

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strawberrybubblegum Sun 03-Dec-17 22:48:49

Earlier in the year, DD(5) was given a couple of little perfume samples - the ones in tiny tubes, rather than just sachets. She absolutely loved them, and I'd like to put something similar in her stocking. Any idea where I can find them? Or else a tiny (not expensive) bottle of some kind of spray-on scent?

I don't mind whether it's specifically aimed at children or just an adult sample. Something good quality/hypoallergenic would be preferable though obviously.

AdoraBell Sun 03-Dec-17 22:51:05

I saw samples on eBay, not sure if it was the little bottles or the just the sachets.

Ginfiend Sun 03-Dec-17 22:52:37

I went into next at the weekend and there was a blow of those glass bottle samples you mean by the till! I took a few!

Ginfiend Sun 03-Dec-17 22:53:00


ACatastrophicMisintepretation Sun 03-Dec-17 22:54:26

Might be a bit late for Xmas but sites like often have these samples and you just fill in a form and they appear as if by magic through your door a few weeks later! Worth a try? I've had loads of those little bottles (which id have let you have if I hadn't used them!)
Alternatively, ask in department stores, they sometimes have them? Probably best to act like you're going to buy the full size bottle eventually rather than admitting your true intentions though!

strawberrybubblegum Sun 03-Dec-17 23:08:10

Thank you, catastrophic - that's a kind thought!

Right, I'll try Next and department stores cosmetic counters. I'm not very good at going up and asking for things so will probably loiter a bit looking for small bottles on display blush.

LittleMousewithcloggson Sun 03-Dec-17 23:15:02

I went into Boots, John Lewis and the perfume shop when it was my daughters birthday. Asked for samples for party bags and offered to pay for them. No one charged me but got over 40 tube perfume samples from Clinique, Chanel, Versace, estee lauder, paco rabanne and Dior. Everyone was so helpful and the kids loved them. Would recommend doing the same (the ones I have left over are going in Christmas crackers!)

ohanabanana Mon 04-Dec-17 08:11:51

If you don’t manage to get any freebies Hollister do a nice box of about 8 sample sized perfumes. I got one on Black Friday when it was only about a fiver so probably about £8-10 full price.

dirtyprettything Mon 04-Dec-17 08:56:45

You can buy a box of (gorgeous) samples from Juliette Has A Gun for about €10

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