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Santa and a flying baby jesus

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ladybug92 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:07:24

In my eastern European culture a flying baby jesus brings gifts to the kids and we open on Christmas eve. smile
In Australia where we live it's obviously santa. smile
My DD is still small but will need a story soon. I want to carry on this flying baby story (I'm not religious and the concept is not too religious, just a name) but incorporate santa too. DDs maternal GPs will refer to flying baby jesus and paternal GPs will be Santa.

Essentially, will this fly? Would a child believe santa comes to some houses and a flying baby comes to others? How would you incorporate both, they both matter to me. Thanks xx

CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 04-Dec-17 01:28:38

Can I just a parent to two children aged 13 and 9. For your heart's sake, don't deliver any of this as fact.

I'm having hell as DD aged 9 has realised it's all a fantasy and she can't take it.

I'd advise saying "Well....the story goes that flying baby Jesus comes at night with the presents!" "Some people think it's Santa...others think it's Mum and Dad...we can pretend it's everyone can't we!"

GlampingQueen Mon 04-Dec-17 01:50:22

My kids recently found out that when DP was younger he believed in both Santa and Flying Baby Jesus (Christkind) as he was brought up in Australia with one German parent. They have been ribbing him for days now about how he could have possibly believed a baby Jesus happened to fly in the window with presents. The fact that they also believed in Santa when younger is beside the point apparently.

Kids can definitely believe in both but I actually think Christmas is more fun now the kids know Santa is just a story.

ladybug92 Mon 04-Dec-17 06:52:38

Sounds like a good approach @CheapSausagesAndSpam. No goodness I'd never sell it as the truth, and hoping that they click at some stage early on so they can start learning to be grateful...
I just had no idea if several stories was too much.

Oo thank you for you insight @GlampingQueen. Yes I also can't explain it when my DH asked me to tell him about it. I guess it's not as big of a deal as I'm making it hehe. We'll see how it pans out smile

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