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Christmas tree lights

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youokayhun Tue 14-Nov-17 21:33:14

The time has come where my 10 year old well looked after fairy lights have given up the ghost! I love fairy lights so want LOTS of warm white, can anybody recommend any that won't bankrupt me? I'd prefer the old fashioned type to LED but lots of online looking has led me to believe that I may have to cave in!

Saladd0dger Wed 15-Nov-17 11:09:10

I just replaced my ancient set with some from wilko. I didn’t think £12 for 300 led lights was bad and they are lovely multi coloured 1s. I also seen some white 1s on display

ijustwannadance Wed 15-Nov-17 11:12:40

400 multifunction lights for £15 in home bargains.

The issue with led is the bulbs are much smaller and tend to be closer together on wire so you need more to cover the same area.

I prefered the older style but Led are meant to be safer and cheaper to run.

cirrusblue Wed 15-Nov-17 12:19:11

On Amazon the company Noma do old fashioned lights. Search for Classic Clear Mini lights, you can get 160 (and smaller amounts too) but they are pricier than LED. The 160 costs about £35 inc postage.

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