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Ideas for 8/9 year old girls

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Worriedmum42 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:18:36

For the first year ever I am really struggling for ideas for dd for Christmas. She is just as bad really and can’t think of anything. Looking for inspiration- what are you getting yours? Thanks

ThisIsNotARealAvo Fri 10-Nov-17 21:22:27

DD is 9 and has asked for a bag, some necklaces and bracelets, some Beanie Boo toys and “a big soft elephant”. I’m going to but her lots of little things like this because DS who is 10 wants a laptop, a Nintendo switch (he won’t be getting them) but I am happy to get DD bits and pieces and teddies before she is too old to want them.

JennyOnAPlate Fri 10-Nov-17 21:23:50

My 7 year old wants a camera and my 9 year old wants a new scooter. I’m also putting together a big box of craft stuff as a joint preset, and have got them both a make up bag with some cheap make up in.

Things they’ve liked in the past; heelies, roller skates, tablets, Lego, sylvanian families, a styling head with hair accessories, calligraphy set and walkie talkies.

Ricekrispie22 Sat 11-Nov-17 10:32:37

I don't have an 8yo daughter, but here are my suggestions:
Subscription to Jaqueline Wilson magazine
Zookeeper experience at nearest zoo
A watch
Cake-pop making machine
A craft kit such as bracelet making, bath bomb making, sewing/knitting...
Tickets to see a musical

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 11-Nov-17 17:47:27

My 8 year old DD has asked for:
A second Our Generation doll
Roller skates
This year’s illustrated Harry Potter and also Fantastic Beasts
A new bike helmet
A dressing gown

Sensible requests really! Various family members will get things from that list, and there will be a few other bits and bobs too. Clothes and stationery I imagine.

mayathebee Sat 11-Nov-17 21:17:40

My 8 year old is getting:

Kindle fire
awful auntie ticket
Now that's what I call sing CD
a couple of board games - labyrinth and game of life
harry potter scarf and sweeties
new David Walliams book

She will probably also get a small lego friends or playmobil set and a 3D jigsaw from her aunties and uncles.

kissmelittleass Sat 11-Nov-17 22:36:22

I'm having the same problem with my 8 year old dd! She has asked for a slime set, marvin magic set, a beanbag and Jojo siwa book. First year she has no big list I have relatives asking me what to buy her and I'm stuck! Will keep an eye on this thread.

HelloFreedom Sun 12-Nov-17 11:25:02

My 8 year old Dd is getting
A keyboard piano
Brainbox Animals game
Horrible Histories boxset
Holly Webb books. The spooky looking ones. 'Lily' etc
My little pony books and annual
MLP figures
One of those big Ty beanie soft toys
A mountain of stationery
And a filofax (bizarre request but she is obsessed with them) which I'm going to fill with accessories. Pretty dividers, novelty paperclips, sticker sheets, planner band and pretty paper.

She'll get Lego and more books from family I expect.

I'm enjoying shopping for her this year. Finally starting to see an end to the plastic crap!

Linnie444 Sun 12-Nov-17 11:42:11

is there any thing she really loves to do like horse riding or adventuring or something because there are lots of experience gifts you could get her . Buyagift is a great website if you are looking for a experience Hope this helps x

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