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Main presents for 11 / 12 year old boys?

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madasamarchhare Thu 26-Oct-17 17:52:49

After some inspiration. Looking to spend anywhere between 50 and 100. What are your boys getting? He doesn't like football but likes gadgety type things. He has requested an Apple Watch and I could get one in cex for about £100 but just doesn't feel right for an 11 year old. Have been looking at a sprocket printer but not sure. Inspire me please, what are your boys asking for?

ChrissyHynde Thu 26-Oct-17 18:05:12

Echo Dot. Fitbit. Also looking at sprocket but not convinced

BOOOOOiesEvilEye Thu 26-Oct-17 18:07:28

I'm getting my 12 year old a microbit, kindle fire 8, Lego power Functions, a pyramid Rubik's cube, Forbidden Island game, and Big Bang Theory merch.

What about the 3D pen from Staples? My preteen is all about the gadgets and still loves his skateboard shaped Bluetooth speaker from last Xmas and his graphics tablet. I'd love to get him a sprocket but the kindle fire has been bought now.

whimsical1975 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:59:27

My Ds turned 12 last month and is definitely a gadgets boy! For his birthday he asked for a drone that has a camera attached to it - he absolutely loves it. We bought an extra battery so that he can get more play time out of it. He's been flying it almost every day.

For Christmas I'm thinking about a pair of reality goggles but I haven't researched them so still need to do that to see if they're worth it.

Apart from that I'm also looking for ideas so will keep an eye on this thread!

Thesmallthings Thu 26-Oct-17 20:15:27

Ds1 is going to be 12 in November.

For his birthday his getting a laptop and big box of jelly beans.

He doesn't know about that and would nt asknfor one as it's so big.

But for birthday and Christmas he's asked for
Nike Trainers
Gaming head set
Bean bag
Amazon Fire stick
2tb hard drive for the Xbox.

SparrowandNightingale Thu 26-Oct-17 20:25:48

Music stuff and books plus the usual socks, jocks and chocs.
He buys his own tech as I would prefer he saved to get the bits he would like rather than what I can afford.

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