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Have we had a menfolk thread yet?

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HolyShmoly Tue 17-Oct-17 20:15:15

In previous years I've had success with the following for DH:
*car stuff. I'm particularly proud of the escape hammer thing which cuts trapped seatbelts and breaks open a window in case of emergency
*wallet ninja multitool card thing
*actually quite expensive Rotary watch for a big present.
*an Eric Cantona Christmas themed t-shirt. Really.

Formcard didn't go down fantastically last year, but I think that's partly cause he hasn't needed to use it. It's currently still in the car, just in case.

It's his birthday this week and has requested a drill. He's a practical sort, in case you haven't guessed by now. He's also a massive Man Utd and, to a lesser extent, Celtic fan.

This year we have said that we'll do very small presents, circa £10 as I'm pregnant with our first baby and we'll need to start saving.

I'm considering a pez dispenser and some other bits.
Does anyone know if you can buy a single Manchester United share? I have zero clue about buying shares.

DeadDoorpost Wed 18-Oct-17 10:37:14

I believe you Can, I'd Google it and have a look.

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