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More presents than we planned

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Mallowmarshmallow Sat 24-Dec-16 21:29:16

We only bought a few bits for our DC (3 and nearly 1) this year. There's nothing big they need and the 1 year old doesn't know anyway.

We've just unpacked presents given by DH's various family that have been delivered over the last few months and didn't realise that there are loads and loads of presents.

Not quite the minimalistic year we were planning...

AIBU (I know, wrong topic) to keep some to one side for opening later in the day/Boxing Day...?

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sat 24-Dec-16 21:31:31

I think spreading them out over the day is a good idea.

Maybe don't tell them that's what you're doing. But every once in a while, whip another one out as a surprise.

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