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Slight twitch

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wishiwasacollie Thu 22-Dec-16 16:51:30

1. Online shop arrived but half didnt. All the fridge stuff eg salmon...butter...cream...milk. Not naming them as they are trying to sort out.
2. Online turkey and stuff arrived. Turkey looks like it was run over by delivery truck...pork pie has to be eaten by boxing day as does everything else. I wanted stuff to last so we could graze. Everything else can be frozen but not the pork pie. Sausagemeat looks more fat than meat. Pigs in blankets were a packet of sausages and packet of bacon.
Serves me right. Total first world problem. All sortable.
Anyone else not got what expected?

Penfold007 Thu 22-Dec-16 17:35:56

You can freeze pork pie, put it in a plastic bag and pop in freezer. Defrost in the bag, it stops the pastry going soggy.
My turkey doesn't arrive until tomorrow so I'm now hoping it hasn't been squished by the delivery truck.

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