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How do you cook your ham?

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HughLauriesStubble Thu 22-Dec-16 08:05:39

I'm doing half s ham this year for the first time and looking for inspiration! Will be cooking it in advance on xmas eve. I'm half tempted to just bung it in the slow cooker although I know it'll probably end up fall-aparty (but delicious) if I do.

So mn, how do you do yours?

HughLauriesStubble Thu 22-Dec-16 08:06:00

half a ham

Lilaclily Thu 22-Dec-16 08:06:50

Cover it in cola!

SVJAA Thu 22-Dec-16 08:10:34

Cover it in cola and stick it in the slow cooker. Fall apart-y ham is amazing!

123MothergotafleA Thu 22-Dec-16 08:10:35

See Nigellas recipe for Cola. You cover your ham in Cola, add onion eats and bingo. It tenderises it or something.
It's important to glaze and bake it too of course.

HughLauriesStubble Thu 22-Dec-16 08:12:10

Ooh I've heard of the mn famed cola ham! Does it give it a barbecue flavour?

annabanana23 Thu 22-Dec-16 08:14:12

I'm also cooking it for the first time tomorrow. Just a small piece.

I understand that i need to boil it in water for 5mins to rid of the salt? Them cover in cola in the slow cooker.
Score it, clove it and honey it with a sprinkling of brown sugar.


milkjetmum Thu 22-Dec-16 08:19:51

Put in cold water, bring to boil, tip off water and replace with fresh cold water, cook, glaze with maple syrup and roast 20min is my standard.

Recently did 2nd boil in still cider(purbeck) and it was delicious (and no need for maple)

milkjetmum Thu 22-Dec-16 08:21:34

Have never tried the coke ham after a friend posted on Facebook about a diet coke ham which made me feel confused

idontlikealdi Thu 22-Dec-16 08:21:44

Mine will be roasted and then half an hour before the end I'll take it out, remove the skin, score the fat and stud with clove and glaze with apricot jam.

You don't really need to soak them anymore - my one actually says on the label no need to soak. Something to do with a change in the curing methods.

skippy67 Thu 22-Dec-16 08:40:13

I do mine in ginger beer. This is the recipe I use. I don't do the tangerine bit though.

NotTodaySatan Thu 22-Dec-16 08:42:46

Yep, coke here too.

Boil in coke with a halved onion in the pot. Once done, smear with black treacle, mustard powder and stud with cloves and blast in the oven.

So damn good.

HeyMacWey Thu 22-Dec-16 08:49:56

I do Gordon Ramsay's maple and mustard ham. It's bloody delicious - I wasn't planning on doing one this year but I'm now so tempted.

Roussette Thu 22-Dec-16 08:50:51

I've stopped buying smoked ham as the last one I had was soooo salty.

I simmer with a carrot and an onion and peppercorns for an hour or so. Then take the rind off, score and roast with a glaze. Could be marmalade, honey, maple syrup, mustard, soy... just whatever takes my fancy. I always roast it on foil as it burns a pan!

AntiQuitty Thu 22-Dec-16 08:53:35

Nigella's spiced ham. We tried the cola one year, but it has nothing (nothing!) on the spiced ham!

thethoughtfox Thu 22-Dec-16 08:57:43

Jamie Oliver jerk ham recipe. People are still talking about last year's.

Nononononono33 Thu 22-Dec-16 09:02:56

Coke here too. NEVER use diet coke - but full fat cherry coke also seems to work as well as regular coke. That's what we're having on Christmas eve.

JustHavinABreak Thu 22-Dec-16 09:11:44

Really easy! Cover it with a mixture of coke (the real stuff, none of that diet nonsense!) and water and bring to the boil. Then turn it down and leave it to simmer for a few hours. When it's cooled, slice off about half of the thick fat layer leaving some to cover the outer layer of meat. Score this into a diamond pattern and make up a paste of honey, mustard power and ground cinnamon. Spread this thickly over the fat and stud each diamond with a clove. Into the oven and bake until that's a gorgeous golden colour. I do the boil bit on Christmas Eve and the bake bit on Christmas Day.

Roussette Thu 22-Dec-16 09:12:13

Anit oh yes on the nigella one. If that's with black/molasses treacle I've done it and it's delicious

Roussette Thu 22-Dec-16 09:12:42

Sorry should be Anti smile

HughLauriesStubble Thu 22-Dec-16 09:19:13

Ooh the ham I ordered from the butchers is smoked so I'd probably be best off to steep it to reduce the saltiness anyway wouldn't I?

PodgeBod Thu 22-Dec-16 09:20:04

I really want to make Nigella's cola ham but don't have treacle- and I don't want to get any in because I won't use it for anything else. Can anyone recommend a substitution?

MissisBee Thu 22-Dec-16 09:23:39

I boil mine in apple juice on Christmas Eve. It then gets scored, stabbed with cloves and covered with a glaze made from marmalade, Dijon mustard and muscovado sugar. Sits in the glaze overnight and baked on Christmas day

TheoriginalLEM Thu 22-Dec-16 09:29:16

Justhavingabreak if you boil it xmas eve how long do you bake it for on Christmas day? am thinking of doing the same

TheoriginalLEM Thu 22-Dec-16 09:30:48

Podge - honey or golden syrup. i do prefer the treacle but probably wont buy any for the same reason

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