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Best place to order a photo book from?

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dontevenblink Tue 29-Nov-16 10:01:30

I always get my Grandma a photo book for Christmas as we live on the other side of the world and she doesn't use the internet. I never actually get to see the finished product and whilst I know she treasures them, I do worry a bit if the quality varies from place to place.

It's been a long time since I lived in the UK and I'm not really sure where the best place to order them from is? I always end up going for the one that looks to have a good offer, but it takes ages to look through them all!
Can anyone recommend a good place to order from? Thanks!

Tiggles Tue 29-Nov-16 12:08:58

I get mine from photobox (had 70% off at least did yesterday). The quality is always good, and they warn when uploading a photo if they don't think it is good enough quality.

willconcern Tue 29-Nov-16 12:10:10


SymphonyofShadows Tue 29-Nov-16 12:12:02

I had some from Tesco recently and they were surprisingly good. I think there is an offer on at the moment too

Redcrayons Tue 29-Nov-16 12:13:01

Second Photobox. Easy to use and results are good.
Sign up to their newsletter and they'll be throwing discount codes at you.

LateToTheParty Tue 29-Nov-16 12:14:50

I've bought lots from Snapfish/Truprint (both HP sites) and been pleased with them. Only one had an issue (couple of pages misaligned) but they were quick to replace it with a corrected version. I almost never pay full price either, there are usually deals to be had from their Twitter & FB sites and emails.

lornathewizzard Tue 29-Nov-16 12:27:18

I used snapfish last year and was happy with the quality and price

lornathewizzard Tue 29-Nov-16 12:27:34

Should say got an offer

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