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Real or fake? Help!

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Littlemissindependent Thu 24-Nov-16 11:39:22

Despite me saying every Christmas for the past few years that I'm going to have a real tree, ive still ended up having an artificial one. Last year's artificial died a death (cats + Christmas tree = carnage) and I'm now debating whether to buy a new artificial or just have a real one!
Having never had a real one before, I'm a bit stumped. Looking to put it up on 10/11th, would a real one survive until Christmas?! Do they need watering?! How much could I expect to pay for a 6ft tree? Or is it all too much like hard work and I'd be better buying a new artificial one?

goose1964 Thu 24-Nov-16 21:45:06

Dates are fine for a real tree, the need about a pint of water a day.Nordmans don't shed too much. If you still have cats they will probably give it a wide berth ice they've had their nose pricked. we normally pay around £30

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