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Ideas for 19 year old son

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ginorwine Sun 20-Nov-16 09:13:25

Apart from clothes we don't know what to get !
He is now at uni so little subtle listen in onto his conversations hasn't happened this year .
He is into sport and in the past we bought him a trip to Europe ( off season not lots ££) and a ticket to an amazing match . The other year we got him mementoes re same trip from the club gift shop on line which he loved . He loves personal gifts and travel too .
But it is hard this year because we don't kno who wd travel with / wen etc and he is non commital on the phone .
Doing drinking games at uni - maybe a game ?
Really stuck and don't want just give money .
Help '!!!!!!!

ssd Sun 20-Nov-16 13:18:55

laptop/phone/camera etc?

hard one, we have the same problem!

bigredfireengine Sun 20-Nov-16 13:31:51

Cash is king I am afraid. Part of being grown up is being able to decide how to spend your own money and students never seem to have enough,

Cards against humanity (do not play with granny around)
Exploding kittens plus the adult expansion pack
Phone power pack
Alcohol- not the silly christmas gift sets- bottles of spirits

Mine at Uni just get cash and then stocking fillers
19 year old boy is getting
Obscure Japanese toys (he collects them)
A couple of DS games
Power pack for phone
Exploding kittens
Bottles of sake
Selection box
cards against humanity expansion pack

21 year old girl
Silly sausage game (a Childs game but popular with adults maybe more girls)
benefit make up- items she uses not a set
pandora charm
soap and glory big set (she gets it every year)
yankee candle
exploding kittens
monopoly (tradition)
some kitchen bowls (match some she bought)
lots of film for her instant camera
selection box
mermaid blanket

There will be more but I cant remember what. Neither of them wanted a big gift this year. Both will get some books I expect.

bigredfireengine Sun 20-Nov-16 14:32:31

Does he have an amazon Wishlist?

ginorwine Sun 20-Nov-16 15:39:31

No no amazon wish list he doesn't seem to want anything !
Thanks for ideas etc .

Yes to Cards Against Humanity. Getting it for 19 yr old dd2.

My two never want money - they always want presents, including some surprises.

When dd1 was at uni things that went down well included:

restaurant and coffee shop vouchers
Sainsbury's voucher so she could do a big food shop with some treats
dressing gown and hot water bottle
Basics like shower gel, shampoo etc but in slightly 'posher' versions than usual
a blanket
silly socks

Kpo58 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:04:01

Cinema Annual pass? Some places do them.

ginorwine Sun 20-Nov-16 19:04:10

Remus yes my ds likes surprises and things he sees as thoughtful / about him ( e.g. His love if travel - a holiday in past as gift)
He has cards v humanity so maybe an extension pack
All he has asked for is good food , long baths , roaring fires and fairy lights ( our traditions ) ..... ahh bless him but I still want do gifts . Blanket good idea !

jeanne16 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:07:55

Since he is keen on sport, what about a sports watch?

That's so cute.

Yes to nice 'manly' bubble bath then! Marshmallows for toasting? Hot chocolate and coffee syrups etc? Mustard? Chutney?

ginorwine Sun 04-Dec-16 15:01:34

Drinking games / books about same ! Back to idea s ! 😄😄😄

rogueantimatter Sun 04-Dec-16 15:32:43

Is he in self-catering accommodation? Toastie maker? Hot water bottle? Phone cover? Tablet cover? Beanie style hat? Gloves?

rogueantimatter Sun 04-Dec-16 15:35:44

Playing cards or poker set? Good quality day size back pack? Water bottle with one of those filter cartridges in it? Travel coffee cup?

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