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30 quid challenge

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soontobemrsmckeown Thu 17-Nov-16 20:31:36

I've got a few extra outgoings on top of Christmas this coming months so has dh. So I've suggested we do a 30 quid challenge. Where we have that much to spend on each other for Christmas. He doesn't need/want anything so what can I get him apart from smellies and sweets- was going to buy them as indervidual rather than the gift sets so he has more to open.

AppleAndBlackberry Thu 17-Nov-16 20:43:31

I'd get DH some nice beer, a book e.g Tim Peake's and maybe a board game or card game.

soontobemrsmckeown Thu 17-Nov-16 20:48:05

He doesn't drink, read or play games. He likes football but doesn't play anymore, he walks the dog and watches TV that's about it really.

Whatslovegottodo Thu 17-Nov-16 20:52:48

Book on local walks
Warm gloves/hat for dog walking
Comfy socks
Netflix subscription

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 17-Nov-16 20:54:31

Wallet ninja multi tool
Gloves/hat/scarf (sometimes get good brands on Amazon deals)
Coffee shop voucher
Scratch card
Photo key ring/mug/calendar of you/kids/dog (delete as applicable grin)
Good cheese?

throwingpebbles Thu 17-Nov-16 21:01:14

Lego architecture?

Dash cam (to be fair, not sure how much they cost but DP keeps saying how he wants one!)

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