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Hate Christmas? How do you cope?

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ffab Mon 14-Nov-16 16:50:03

I come from a dysfunctional and chaotic family. Rows would often come to a head at Christmas, with tears, people walking out and worse. As a result I really hate the 'festive' time of year. I tried to make it fun for my children when they were growing up but it was hard.

Earlier this year I cut off contact with some family members as I realised I have been scapegoated and blamed for their problems which have nothing to do with me.

So Christmas will be small this year, just two DD's, DH and me. It's sad, I'll miss my extended family, they could be fun, for the first couple of hours before the rows start.

How does anyone else who dislikes Christmas cope? How do you make this time of year fun for your family when it brings up such sad memories for you?

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insan1tyscartching Mon 14-Nov-16 17:01:37

I don't like Christmas, I'm not sure why though although have sad memories regarding losing my parents near Christmas and it's compounded because my birthday is Christmas Day. I grit my teeth and try and enjoy it for my dcs tbh. I hate the tree and the decorations so keep them as minimal as I can get away with and I do enjoy being with the dc so focus on that. I used to long for the dc being grown up so I could ignore it all but they are grown up and come to me anyway because it's my birthday so I'm resigned now to always having to celebrate in some way.

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