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Advent box

(3 Posts)
Chocolatecake12 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:07:43

Years ago when my first ds was about 3 I made advent stockings. With the Christmas books he had plus festive CDs and a chalkboard countdown I put them all in an advent box and in the lift it lives until 30th November.
My 2 ds are 15 and 10 and the advent stockings have served their purpose and are looking a bit tired. The festive books are much too young for them now and so I'm thinking of updating the advent box to make it more age appropriate.
The idea being that on the 1st December we can open the box together and begin the festive season!
So what can I get to go in the box? So far I have a nice fleecy throw that I have to admit is gorgeous and not for the boys really!!

beatricequimby Wed 26-Oct-16 19:13:23

Christmas cook book
Age appropriate Christmas books/ DVDs eg The Dark is Rising, The Box of Delights (these would be good for a ten year old)
Complicated Christmas jigsaw
Christmas decorations or card stuff to make
Christmas music if either of them play an instrument

Leeds2 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:32:10

Christmas mugs with hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows in them.

Christmas toilet paper and/or tissues.

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