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Leap pad

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BabyHaribo Sun 23-Oct-16 14:52:54

Not sure whether to get DS 5 a leap pad or a basic tablet.

Any opinions on leap pad? Are they any good?

EmGee Sun 23-Oct-16 16:05:54

I bought my kids Leappad tablets last year. The eldest was just 6 and the youngest 4. They really like them. I like them because they are a) indestructible, b) limited internet access c) quite reasonably priced - I paid 60 GBP for an Ultra and 50 GBP for a Platinum.

I also bought a lot of the games (when on offer). If you have a child who is very nimble with ipads or iphones, then it might be better to get a tablet as the Leappads are quite restrictive. The camera and recording device is good, and you can do basic art stuff BUT obvs a real tablet will have more to offer.

They suit my kids fine - they only use our ipad to watch those awful 'let's unwrap a Kinder egg' type Youtube videos under supervision but with the Leappad, the games are educational and they don't need supervising at all. Also good for taking on car journeys.

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