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I forgot the sodding goose fat

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Baubleicious Wed 23-Dec-15 00:13:03

High fives all round today as we finished the last of the shopping. Asda, Poundland, B&M and filling up on petrol. Got home and unpacked everything, wrapped last few bits, changed light bulbs and hid batteries away. Say down with a cuppa to watch Eastenders with my new reindeer slippers on and fuck! Forgot the goose fat! I had two, TWO, lists and still forgot it.

Then DF calls and asks me to go into town tomorrow to buy DM's presents. shock. He does it every year. So off out again for me tomorrow!

MrsLeighHalfpenny Wed 23-Dec-15 00:18:25

Use oil?

sooperdooper Wed 23-Dec-15 00:21:29

Call DF back and say no, but while he's at the shops can he get you some goose fat fgrin

defineme Wed 23-Dec-15 00:24:42

A programme yesterday tested the crispiness of potatoes cooked in different fats, goose fat beat olive oil,but vegetable oil was best of all.
Think your df has a cheek!

Baubleicious Wed 23-Dec-15 00:31:26

I can't be arsed to queue for goose fat so oil it is.

He's been doing this since I was 15/16? Kinda used to it now. Only agreed as I have to pick up a Next order too. (Was going to cancel but might as well grab it now)

At least I have my Walnut Whips and the Moscato. Didn't forget those.

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