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what do yoou do lead up to xmas/ new years ideas? and why is my teen a dope

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ghostspirit Mon 21-Dec-15 18:53:31

i told my 18 year old she should buy the kids a little something for xmas for the little ones. just from the pound shop. last year she bought her sister a packet of felt tips with a chalk bored. this year she got her a stick book. with crayons confused grin

was wondering what people do on the lead up to xmas. last year we went to see panto just a cheap and cheerful local one. kids really liked it though.

this year we are going disney on ice i think the kids will love it.

ok me and bf cant spend xmas together as hes at his mums. me and the kids all went to his house and his adult kids there to and we had a nice meal. and desert kids played and stuff and it was nice.

hes coming to me for the new year but its just him and my kids. but it would be nice to do something. any suggestions what i could do. needs to be family friendly.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Mon 21-Dec-15 20:18:31

Board games?

OSETmum Mon 21-Dec-15 20:58:17

Tomorrow we're going out for breakfast and for a walk (weather permitting).

On Wednesday dh and DS (6) are going on their motorbikes then we're going to a farm on the way back (it's free in December and we need to pick up mil's food hamper from the farm shop).

On Thursday we're having a party, so we'll be getting ready for that during the day.

Then Friday is obviously Christmas.

On Saturday we're having another gathering.

Then on Sunday and Monday it's more motorbike riding.

We don't have definite plans after that but we might go to the zoo, the Lake District, visit family etc.

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