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Childminder Christmas gift

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GooseFriend Tue 10-Nov-15 10:32:51

Kids have started going to childminder for one day a week and I'm wondering what the fine thing is regarding a christmas gift? I was thinking of getting the childminder and her 9year old daughter a little thing. But is that ok? And what sort of think would you get them?

GooseFriend Tue 10-Nov-15 10:33:24

Fine = done

attheendoftheday Tue 10-Nov-15 10:50:26

It's our first year with a childminder. Think we'll do wine and chocs for her and something tiny for each of her kids, maybe a choc reindeer or something similar.

GooseFriend Tue 10-Nov-15 10:54:53

Yeah I was thinking similar and surely being a childminder rather than a teacher she won't be awash with stuff so something like that'll be fine.

I think I'm over thinking this to be honest. My folks are making Christmas rather difficult already (it's only early November!) so I'm think I'm over thinking it all in an effort to try to do everything 'right'

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