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4 SLEEPS.....!!!!!!!!!!

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disneymum3 Sun 21-Dec-14 08:54:56

How's everyone getting on?
My cold is definitely getting better,so should hopefully be right for Christmas.
Got half way through my wrapping yesterday but had to stop as I ran out of paper. I was certain I had more but I must have imagined it.
House still needs a clean but will get that done after the wrapping.

afreshstartplease Sun 21-Dec-14 08:57:12

Wrapping about 25% done

Still have presents to buy

Still have cards to buy

Need to finish adding to food order

Need to clean

supermariossister Sun 21-Dec-14 08:57:24

sounds like your nearly theresmile. not much left to do here swap presents with sister in law Monday, pick up some bits from shops too to replace what we have eatengrin . I could be forced to Hoover the living room again if I feel the need.

ChestyNutRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sun 21-Dec-14 09:51:21

When's everyone doing food shop? Can't decide fhmm

Glad your feeling better disney

DamselNotInHerDress Sun 21-Dec-14 10:41:25

Dp is doing the food shop, probably on Wednesday. All meat ordered from butchers so if there's limited veg supplies so be it. Stock for gravy is made an actually I have parsnips and potatoes already.
Nearly finished with the shopping, couple more table presents to get, wrapping is three quarters done, just having a decluttering sorting day today. Dds are going out with my dm, ds is going out with dp so I'll probably do their rooms while they're out.

SevenSwansASwimming Sun 21-Dec-14 13:37:24

I had the wrapping done but I've ordered a couple more bits which should arrive tomorrow. The food shop is being delivered on Tuesday, and DH picking the meat up on Wednesday. Mostly just need to clean and tidy.

starburst1979 Sun 21-Dec-14 13:42:34

I have (just this minute) finished wrapping. About to tackle the washing pile and clean up.

Shopping is being done tomorrow night. I'm working until 530 Xmas eve so don't have a lot of time to do anything else sad

Theselittlelightsofmine Sun 21-Dec-14 13:47:14

Wrapping all done

Still have gifts to buy

No cards written

No food shopping but have got a turkey

I know I'm forgetting something but I can't think what or for whom confused

WiggleGinger Sun 21-Dec-14 13:51:54


Pretty much all Presents wrapped
Just need to wrap my nieces pj's

DH spent 2 hours in Friday evening cleaning the whole house whilst I took Dd to a party (amazing!!!)

Collecting online food shop on Tuesday

I just need to bake now

I'm feeling rather festive!

disneymum3 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:41:04

I've done it all the presents are wrapped, now just to clean fhmm

Ujjayi Sun 21-Dec-14 22:46:55

All wrapping done. Baking all in freezer; ditto majority of Christmas lunch - I prep & freeze potatoes, stuffing, spiced red cabbage, pigs in blankets, carrots etc.

Just need to ice the cake & help DCs wrap their gifts to each other & DH.

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