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waitrose, christmas, what would you buy?

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R4roger Thu 18-Dec-14 08:31:59

I have a voucher, specifically for a gammon, from DM hmm but I have one from Lidl! grin

I thought cheese, or somethign special for new year or chirstmas eve.
any suggestions?

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Thu 18-Dec-14 10:06:56

wait until xmas eve or go in on the saturday and there will be tons of fan reduced stuff and get something for nwe years eve.

MsAspreyDiamonds Thu 18-Dec-14 10:20:10

Their cranberry mincemeat is fab & lovely to make your own mincepies with.
A swish dessert or some bags if frozen cinnamon rolls ready to bung in the oven for a quick breakfast.

Some lovely seafood or salmon for New Years day. I love Waitrose food!

marne2 Thu 18-Dec-14 11:00:50

I would spend it on Florentines and cheese grin

schmeegle Thu 18-Dec-14 12:34:30

I'm with marne2.

Spend it all entirely on Florentines.

RojaGato Thu 18-Dec-14 16:03:35

Vanilla coyo (coconut yoghurt). DH cannot have custard so it will go with his dairy free xmas pud.

But seriously? Marron glaces.

girlywhirly Thu 18-Dec-14 16:26:49

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding (with the chilled desserts) and some Yeo Valley organic double cream to go with it, or Yeo Valley organic vanilla ice-cream. Also Wensleydale Creamery sheep milk Wensleydale cheese.

FollowTheStarship Thu 18-Dec-14 16:30:17

Xmas bouquet (I am coveting but it's £10 for some fancy twigs, however if I had a voucher I would!)

SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 18-Dec-14 16:33:39

A whole Vacherin Mont D'Or, king of Christmas cheeses.

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Thu 18-Dec-14 16:38:44

Shnitxle, I had the mont d or last year what was I missing? I wasnt mad about it at all...did i get a bad one? it wasnt that flavoursome or great..

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 18-Dec-14 20:49:06

I'm off to Waitrose tomorrow ( I have a 'save £14 when you spend £70 voucher)

White chocolate ice-cream features on the list grin
Mustn't forget the chiller bag

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