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Christmas Cards

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CrispyCrochet Sat 13-Dec-14 21:18:11

So being a tight arse I collected up all the left over Xmas cards from the past couple years & very nearly wrote out all my cards for this year. Bought a couple charity packs at sainsbos to finish the lot.

The only thing now is I really CBA to pay for the stamps! I have about 30 to post within the UK & 10 to the U.S.! Money is tight as we are moving abroad in January & my DH is in that awkward 1 month between jobs. AIBU to just chuck all the cards in the bin? Do people even like Christmas cards? Are they a waste or a fun holiday tradition?

I'm not normally scroogy btw, I love Christmas.

CrispyCrochet Sat 13-Dec-14 21:25:02

Oops not to mention I think I've missed last posting for the US. Where has this month gone?confused

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