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Jamies 'get ahead' gravy...

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Nessica Tue 09-Dec-14 15:24:27

Only doing a small 1.5th Turkey crown this year as just me, DH and DT's plus the national debt of pigs in blankets!!! grin

Trying to find a nice turkey gravy recipe as don't want to just bisto it for the big day shock since I'm not doing a big Turkey with giblets to make the stock for gravy etc.

I've found Jamie Olivers 'get ahead' gravy... is it as good as it sound? or can anyone share their immense gravy recipes with me?!?!... exciting thread eh! wink

Also how long and what temp for a really juicy and tender Turkey of my size?!?!

Nessica Tue 09-Dec-14 15:25:01

1.5kg bloody auto-correct on phone!!!

Betrayedbutsurvived Tue 09-Dec-14 15:27:28

I made it last year and it was lovely. Doing it again this year.

LikeSilver Tue 09-Dec-14 15:33:55

I love that gravy. Wouldn't do Christmas without it now!

Teabird Tue 09-Dec-14 16:20:22

did mine last week and its in the freezer now-one less job on the day

SouthernOne Tue 09-Dec-14 16:24:15

I'm going to give that a go, looks lovely

WowOoo Tue 09-Dec-14 16:26:48

is it this one?

I can't find a specific turkey one? I'm going to try it.

SouthernOne Tue 09-Dec-14 16:30:01

Woo that's the one I found, fingers crossed I can follow the recipe not known for my cooking skills

Think I'll have a trial run on a chicken dinner

cromwell44 Tue 09-Dec-14 16:31:02

It's great - I've made it for the last two years. Taste gorgeous and replaces the last minute gravy faffing. Can't recommend highly enough.

Naicecuppatea Tue 09-Dec-14 16:49:29

Yes it is lovely. Just came out a bit lighter in colour than expected so when I make it again I will add some browning to make the colour a bit more like gravy.

WowOoo Tue 09-Dec-14 16:51:46

Thanks, I'm going to try it this weekend.

MistyMistletoe Tue 09-Dec-14 17:03:20

I have made Jamie's gravy before, it's very tasty. You can season it to your own liking.

Nessica Tue 09-Dec-14 18:22:17

Thanks guys! Definitely going to make it tomorrow so I can freeze it and take a job away from the Christmas stress!!!!

counttotenandbreathe Tue 09-Dec-14 21:46:36

Its definitely worth it we have done it the last three years and its here to stay now! We make ahead and freeze too smile

alseb Tue 09-Dec-14 21:58:13

I've got M & S get ahead gravy for Turkey. £3.

VillageFete Tue 09-Dec-14 22:16:31

What the hell am I doing wrong then? Made it the last 2 years and both times it was rather flavourless, no wow factor at all. My own recipe gravy was nicer. Now, I adore "St Jamie" and I followed the recipe to a tee, so perhaps I didn't let it cook on the hob long enough?

Stars66 Tue 09-Dec-14 22:24:47

I am off to show DH this as it sounds ace!!grin

siblingrevelryagain Tue 09-Dec-14 22:26:41

Mine sat in freezer as we speak - made it last year and it's completely lush. Could eat it in a bowl like soup!

thedevilinside Tue 09-Dec-14 22:54:57

DP is obsessed with Jamie's get ahead gravy, he spends the evening making it when I am out. It's one of the few things he can cook, we have a freezer full of the stuff, it's lovely

BooDidIScareYou Tue 09-Dec-14 23:01:43

I've done it 2 years running too and will be doing it again this year. It's lovely!

CurlyWurlyCake Wed 10-Dec-14 00:04:50

It's a must in this house. I make it a few days before hand.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Wed 10-Dec-14 11:07:25

Despite being a confident cook with a very wide repertoire, I've never made real gravy and looking at that Jamie Oliver recipe I'm beginning to wonder why anyone would bother.

It must cost a fortune shock. We're hosting Christmas dinner this year and instead of our normal Bisto Best instant gravy I think I'm going to splash out £3 on M&S ready made. The turkey, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, starter and pudding etc etc will all be fresh from scratch but I can't risk the gravy not being right so will buy in.

Last week, I tried my every once in a while attempt at making chicken stock from the carcass and it tasted of nothing confused and with all the vegetables and gas to boil it, would have been a lot more expensive than a kallo gel thing that I normally use.

shelfontheelf Wed 10-Dec-14 11:55:29

OnIlkley - it's one thing I really make the effort to do, it's much nicer, although I always add a bit of bisto at the endsmile I hate the M&S stuff, sorry!

Jamie's get ahead is fab and easy, just takes some time.

My mum made some from a chicken carcass in my slow cooker the other week, she cooked it for eight hours. I don't have the patience for that but it was soooooo good.

AstroNaught Wed 10-Dec-14 13:27:08

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