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A very different one this year

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mypoosmellsofroses Sun 30-Nov-14 16:14:57

And strangely liberating... DS1 is at Uni and working Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so won't be coming home. DS2 has a PT job at a restaurant and wants to work (£15 p/h, untold riches at 16 so can't blame him) So just DH and I and we're going to still have the full works Christmas Dinner, will just be doing it another day, maybe the weekend after.

Now we have decided this, I'm actually quite excited. DS2 finishes about half five ( job is in rural location so he needs a lift, so no alcohol) then we are going to eat nibbly, party type food, have a drink and watch films all evening. Sounds great! DH and I may well go back to bed in the afternoon for some empty house Christmas conjugalssmile

DS1 will be back in Jan for his 21st, so we get to do the big family thing then.
We've been invited by SIL for lunch Boxing Day, and will no doubt be seeing other relatives over Christmas, so although it seemed weird at first, I'm looking forward to a very laid back Christmas!

2cats2many Sun 30-Nov-14 16:17:02

Sounds really lovely. Enjoy!

BikeRunSki Sun 30-Nov-14 16:19:08

Sounds awesome. My 2 are 6 and 3, do we will be doing over excitement, anticlimax, massive journey to Granny's (Yorkshire to Somerset), tears, plastic tat and squabbling.

mypoosmellsofroses Sun 30-Nov-14 16:22:27

See, I think in some ways I see this as my reward for 20 odd years of tears, plastic tat, squabbling etc smile A few years of it anyway before DGCs!

apotatoprintinapeartree Sun 30-Nov-14 16:29:46

Ours is a bit different this year.

Its the first year ever of no FC in over 20 odd years.
We have the addition of one day dil, but they are going for meal with her family, so first without ds1 at dinner time.
They are coming round boxing day too.
Its the same for ds2 who will be 20 by xmas, but is still a big kid at heart.
DD reckons its the first of many tv appearances over xmas and the main thing she is looking forward to grin that'll be cheap then.

fuzzpig Sun 30-Nov-14 18:04:22

Sounds great! Ours is different this year too. Thought my parents would want to spend it with us (and quietly dreading it a bit... They aren't exactly festive) but mum actually said "oh darling you know I'm rubbish at Xmas - I'd rather you had fun somewhere else!" grin so we are staying at her flat but spending most of the actual day with three of my dearest friends. Absolutely can't wait grin

CatWitch Sun 30-Nov-14 18:08:00

Ohh, I love Christmas plans such as yours! So cozy to snuggle up with each other and let the world go by...enjoy your time smile

HolgerDanske Sun 30-Nov-14 20:33:31

It sounds amazing. Enjoy fsmile

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