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A toy to play with for dd 11 and DS 7

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CocktailQueen Sat 29-Nov-14 18:44:12

Have got most of their Christmas pressies but they're not toys! Can anyone recommend a toy, silly or otherwise, and not too expensive, for my dc?

Their main pressies are football kit and match attax cards and books - DS - and a kindle, clothes and books - dd.


leesmum Sat 29-Nov-14 23:54:41

What about a Rubik's cube for your DD and small Lego or Nerf gun for your D's smile

anyoldname76 Sun 30-Nov-14 00:04:27

Air hockey table, they'll both enjoy that

attheendoftheday Sun 30-Nov-14 00:27:49

Booma indoor boomerang or galt book of paper planes.

BiscuitMillionaire Sun 30-Nov-14 00:29:36

BopIt or later versions of it. Fun for all ages! It's a reaction speed / coordination game thingy.

VanitasVanitatum Sun 30-Nov-14 00:30:35

Seconding bop it.. I've had girls and boys from seven to fourteen all playing together and loving it.

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