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HUGE choice of Christmas jumpers at M & S

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candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:06:12

There were so many christmas jumpers at marks and Spencer in Manchester today. I've never seen such a huge choice. They had sweatshirt type ones for 19.50 then LOADs of wooly jumpers. I got a white fluffy one with two sequinned penguins, very Monty and Mabel. And I got my sis to buy me a nice thick grey knitted one with a Robin on the front for my Christmas pressie.
Every other store seems to have three or four to choose from but I was in Christmas jumper heaven today.
Just had to rave about it!

Leeds2 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:12:05

I saw a lot in our Tesco last week. Maybe they have realised it is big business?!

I don't own any, but my 16 year old is a fan and was impressed with the Tesco selection.

bobs123 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:14:43

Just bought my first one ever from Sainsburys - £16 - reindeer with big fluffy tum and moving eyes. Feeling ridiculously pleased with myself (I'm 54) grin

candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:16:25

It seems to be the thing this year. Last year was the onesie, this year it's the jumper.
I starting wearing my Christmas jumper selection yesterday (it's now another to Christmas Eve so it's allowed) and will be wearing them all month.

candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:22:12

Love it bobs!

GrouchyKiwi Mon 24-Nov-14 16:23:23

Good! I need to find a really cheesy one for DH and make him wear it. grin

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Mon 24-Nov-14 16:36:30

I got mine from Matalan for £15. There were some nicer ones for £18 and I half wish I'd got one of those,as I've realised that Christmas jumpers are now a 'thing' and I will just wear the same one every year.

Didn't like the Primark ones at all. Looking on the net, New Look, Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys all have them,

candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:42:11

Grouchy they had a brilliantly cheesy mans jumper at marks it was black with Merry Christmas written I. It and candy canes and holly all over it.

candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:43:33

Ilkley I have a matalan one too, red sweatshirt with ho ho ho in sequins.
I think I might have gone a bit Christmas jumper mad...

fairgame Mon 24-Nov-14 16:48:03

Woolly Babs do some fab cheesy xmas jumpers. I got my friends DH one a few years back as he is a complete xmas nut, rudolph's nose even squeaks!

candykane25 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:46:35

I've just done a search on herefor Christmas jumper threads for more inspiration and interesting to note the first thread dates back to 2010 and the OP's husband is teased for wanting one. How things have changed!

GrouchyKiwi Tue 25-Nov-14 08:28:49

candykane that sounds perfect. grin

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