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Christmas Film recommendations

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MrsAlwaysRight Fri 21-Nov-14 17:59:50

Please can I have some recommendations for Christmas films to watch with DC on Christmas Eve. They are 4 and 7. We already have Arthur Christmas which they love.

Thanks smile

SakuraSakura Fri 21-Nov-14 18:06:59

Home alone and home alone 2 are my absolute faves! Great place to start! I've heard good things about Elf, have just put it in my amazon basket. The snowman? (Guaranteed to make me cry).

SakuraSakura Fri 21-Nov-14 18:07:08

Home alone and home alone 2 are my absolute faves! Great place to start! I've heard good things about Elf, have just put it in my amazon basket. The snowman? (Guaranteed to make me cry).

bryonyelf Fri 21-Nov-14 18:07:36

Mickeys once and twice upon a Christmas.
Polar express
Miracle on 34th street

Firm favourites in this house

Oh, rise of the guardians too.

marne2 Fri 21-Nov-14 18:55:42

Elf grin my dd's think its the best Christmas film ever.

Queenofknickers Fri 21-Nov-14 18:56:16

Elf! And polar express

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 21-Nov-14 19:19:04

Fab! Thanks for the suggestions smile

EduCated Fri 21-Nov-14 19:25:17


EduCated Fri 21-Nov-14 19:25:55

Also Santa Claus, with Dudley Moore.

dancestomyowntune Fri 21-Nov-14 19:34:55

The polar express

There was one on sky last year that was about a reindeer whose lookin for his dad, who was one of Santa's reindeer in "Santa's flying forces" but I can't remember what it's called!

Wilf83 Fri 21-Nov-14 21:20:58

Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. Makes me laugh every time!

GerrardWinstanley Fri 21-Nov-14 21:40:12

To add to your list.....
Prep and landing
A Muppets Christmas Carol (Michael Caine's finest hour)

I found Polar Express a bit disconcerting. I am a movie wimp though.
Love Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas.

Going to buy Elf now even though I swore I would not buy another Christmas DVD

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 21-Nov-14 22:36:01

Thank you!

gymboywalton Fri 21-Nov-14 22:37:59

i wouldn't do miracle on 34th street or polar express with a 4 and 7 year old. they both raise the premise that father christmas isn't real-yes i know that santa proves he is real but do you really want to raise the possibility in their minds when they are so little?

WorkingBling Fri 21-Nov-14 22:43:36

Ds is currently watching Saving Santa on repeat! grin

Mitzyme Fri 21-Nov-14 22:49:39

Seriously! It's got to be A Muppets Christmas Carol.

wigglesrock Fri 21-Nov-14 23:02:03

Mine are quite taken with the Santa Clause and various sequels smile

dancestomyowntune Sat 22-Nov-14 08:32:39

Can't believe I forgot to say the snowman!!! That is a Christmas Eve tradition in our house!

pregnantpause Sat 22-Nov-14 09:12:32

Hmm. Ive never really liked polar express ( though I pretend too as dh bought it for me the year we got together. )

I love muppets Christmas carol and elf.

Rise of the guardians went down very well with my dc- it came out as the December cinema movie two years ago- I always try to take dc to the Christmas film of the year. It was the jim Carey Christmas carol the year before rise if the guardians- which is good but a bit darker than muppets . I think I may the only person who was disappointed with frozen as the film in the cinemas for Christmas last year- it's not Christmassy!

Redglitter Sat 22-Nov-14 09:37:29

I hate the Home Alone movies

Love Miracle on 34th street - the 1947 version rho and of course It's A Wonderful Life

zipetwhippet Sat 22-Nov-14 09:37:49

Father Christmas- Raymond Briggs
Muppet Christmas carol
Disney Christmas Carol- with Jim Carrey
Deck the halls- funny
Rise of the guardians

Don't like Polar Express either.

MrsAlwaysRight Sat 29-Nov-14 11:35:04

Thanks for the suggestions smile

candykane25 Sat 29-Nov-14 11:53:41

Nativity is hilarious. My 15mo has already watched some of home alone, she was riveted. Definitely the best for kids. Elf is our fave here. But put christmas in the title of any film and I'll watch it.

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