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Best places to see Father Christmas in South Wales/Bristol

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ArthurChristmas Thu 20-Nov-14 15:37:17

My children are 3 and 9. I fear that we may be entering into non-believer with one and very excited with no. two. I would like somewhere new and really authentic/ Christmassy/ traditional. We have done Tredegar House (house really nice, spoilt by rubbish Santa), Brecon railway (really lovely when young, not sure older one will be that impressed), Rhondda Heritage (again not sure older one will believe), Bristol Zoo (felt like the importance was on the photo and charging us more and not on the child). So, very brainy, hugely experienced Christmassy people where? I am happy to travel for a really really nice one!

Heels99 Thu 20-Nov-14 16:23:48

Not done any of these myself:
Celtic manor?
The mall cribbs, include ice skating and dinner out or Xmas film at cinema?

Is the nine year old bothered, could you go to the pantomime or something instead and three year old see santa at school fair or garden centre?

BrieAndChilli Thu 20-Nov-14 18:02:36

Celtic is supposed to be good but expensive
Longleat was brill last year
Clear well caves is also supposed to
be good.

We have booked rhondda heritage this year . Please say it is brill?!

RiseAndWhine Thu 20-Nov-14 18:11:07

Celtic Manor is good but the ice-rink and everything was really lacking in atmosphere. Felt very ripped off but the santa was very good.

Brecon railway do something but you might be too late for booking. Have a look though, my friends raved about it.

Clueing4looks Thu 20-Nov-14 18:48:06

I second clearwell caves.

Chillycamper Thu 20-Nov-14 20:38:43

My kids really enjoyed clear well with nursery.

We've also enjoyed going here in past. Nice to have a run around the farm too.

Muchtoomuchtodo Thu 20-Nov-14 22:14:38

Cardiff castle is lovely.

Howaboutthisone Fri 21-Nov-14 06:25:41

Celtic manor was great last year.

I've heard good things about Rhondda heritage too.

There's supposed to be a nice one near port talbot-something like tea bones?

ArthurChristmas Fri 21-Nov-14 07:07:29

Thank you all, off to google some options. My daughter is bothered, really bothered, she has her mothers slightly obsessive Christmas love grin DS is going to a local garden centre with nursery and she cried she couldn't go and was doing a panto with pressure on!

She did Rhondda Heritage with school in Y1 and was sooooo excited about how good it was, so rest assured!

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