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What do you eat on Boxing Day?

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Suddengeekgirl Sat 15-Nov-14 17:25:02

This year, for the first time ever, Christmas Day will be just me, dh and the 2 dcs. grin
FIL and step-MIL are coming for Boxing Day which is quite something.
I don't really know what to cook?

I don't think we'd want another roast. And step-MIL is not keen on carbs - so pasta is out.

Any ideas?

Crocodocodile Sat 15-Nov-14 17:35:50

We normally start with ,fresh bread and a pot of soup made in advance and frozen until needed and then have a buffet of left over turkey, crackers, cheese board, cold meats, dips and veg sticks Followed by Christmas cake and mince pies. Although I appreciate that's not great for the carb conscious!

42notTrendy Sat 15-Nov-14 17:44:28

We have Christmas dinner leftovers, a cheeseboard and I usually make a pate. And a trifle. We don't have set meals just eat when we're hungry!!

WestEast Sat 15-Nov-14 17:48:10

Buffet at my uncles house, salads, meat, salmon, bread, eggs. It's amazing.

42notTrendy Sat 15-Nov-14 17:51:51

Ooo yes, we do a salad, something a bit more fancy than tomatoes and cucumber, with a good dressing.

bryonyelf Sat 15-Nov-14 18:00:20

Jamie Oliver's turkey and leek pie. We make this all year round though with chicken as well.

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