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Lego for older dc

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AtlanticDrift Thu 30-Oct-14 09:05:25

My ds is 13 and loves lego. I'd like to get him some of the more challenging sets. Like the ones that use batteries etc. Has anyone any reccomendations?

NorwaySpruce Thu 30-Oct-14 09:35:22

Are they into any particular 'theme'?

'Mindstorms' is the classic programmable kit, but lots of adults are more into Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Technic, etc.

There are some new Hobbit/LOTR sets out in the Autumn too, if your DS has read the books.

And Minecraft, obviously.

I've been looking into whether Lego can be combined with Raspberry Pi, and it does seem possible, if your child is into that kind of thing.

AtlanticDrift Thu 30-Oct-14 13:51:03

We have 4 ds so have starwars, HP, hobbit, chimea, atlantis etc built up over the years.
What is Raspberry Pi?

Oldraver Thu 30-Oct-14 19:34:05

I've just bought DS the Hobbit Lonely Mountain, the set and 3 others were released on October 15th so very new

Pancakeflipper Thu 30-Oct-14 19:35:25

Some of the technis stuff is amazing according to my BIL who is 36yrs old and 1 month who has sent me his list for Christmas

tassisssss Thu 30-Oct-14 20:30:23

The architecture sets are nice.

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