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Secret Santa

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TwoTeaTessie Sun 24-Aug-14 16:52:34

In our house the adults (DH,Me, Dsis,DBL, DM and Dad) have a secret santa for our stocking with a cap of £15. This works really well and we all really get into it.

I had a thought last night about starting one for our children. My DS and my sister's children are very close in age (10 &11). My DD is only 2 and my sister has 2 foster children who may be with us for Christmas though it's not certain yet.

Just wondered what people thought about it? Obviously the spending cap would be way lower as they only have their pocket money. A big part of me really wants to do this as Dsis and I are really close and I would like to foster that closeness with the children.

RJnomore Sun 24-Aug-14 16:54:38

It sounds like a lovely idea. What about setting them a pound shop secret Santa? It's not about the cost but about choosing something for the other person - and my 10yo loves the pound shop, she can spend ages choosing something!

TwoTeaTessie Tue 26-Aug-14 20:19:50

That's a good idea, ours like charity shops too, so might set it at a couple of quid.
Might wait a month or two to mention it

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