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Christmas table decorating

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LimelightsontheChristmastree Sat 22-Dec-12 12:17:46

Mine is always crap. Can anyone help?

My table is hexagonal (turn of the century- I love it!). So basically rectangular but with the corners chopped off. I own one cloth which is big enough for the table when it's extended. It was my Grandma's and is an orangey / dull gold colour.

Any ideas?

fortyplus Sat 22-Dec-12 12:20:36

Oval plate - large 'church' candle in the middle, then cut 'festive' greenery, holly etc and arrange around it. If holly doesn't have berries then scatter a few cranberries. A few walnuts (sprayed gold if you can be bothered) - maybe some small baubles. It'll look fab!

betterwhenthesunshines Sat 22-Dec-12 13:06:25

Greenery, candles and oranges and lemons with cloves pushed in?

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