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Can anyone help me...please...please...please <Weeps>

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I need the following!

An ipod dock (prefer dock but speakers a compromise)-Absolutely no more then £25

Some really nice bath smellies (Posher then Body shop but cheaper then Molton brown!) Need to get 2 peoples presents for £30-would like a couple of bits each (seemingly the undoable!)

Rose scented shower stuff (but lovely smelling not crappy grin) £10

Kids cooking set (including a mixing bowl and apron...) for £10 tops...really tops

This is just for starters btw grin

I am so fed up of googling!

I will love you always....really and truly! grin

BertieBotts Wed 28-Nov-12 10:00:11

Try CeX for ipod dock as well as the usual places.

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