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Can anyone recommend an online source for a real noble fir christmas tree delivered?

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wildstrawberryplace Thu 15-Nov-12 14:35:32

I usually get a Fraser fir or occasionally a Norway spruce and they do have much more of a scent than Nordmann but they still don't smell like they used to.

I'm told that a noble fir has a strong fragrance as well as being non drop but I can't find anywhere that will deliver nationally.

I usually use Scottish Christmas trees - have been very happy with their service but hankering after a really fragrant tree. Don't want to resort to essential oils again this year!

Funnily enough when I was a kid we used to put our Norway spruce in a bucket with bricks to secure it, no water. Maybe the strong smelling trees of times past was linked to the needle shedding, maybe you don't get one without the other!

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