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What would a nine year old boy want?

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JessePinkman Tue 13-Nov-12 23:12:07

We've got a funny family situation that I want to get a present for a nine year old boy that I don't really know. Say the price is up to £20.

Thank you for any ideas.

DinosaursOnASpaceship Tue 13-Nov-12 23:13:05

Cheap mp3 player?

lia66 Tue 13-Nov-12 23:15:47

find out what he likes. River Island voucher would be good, cool for boys at the moment.

Flat peak caps with extendable snaps at the back, can't remember what they're called

cd/dvdor itunes voucher

Doctor who stuff

JessePinkman Tue 13-Nov-12 23:37:34

It is a funny family situation lia66

I can't really find out what he likes, I just want to do something nice for him.

Ohh Doctor Who stuff sounds good.

iseenodust Wed 14-Nov-12 09:45:14

Do you know what football or other team he supports? Anything from their online supporters shop will be a winner. Scarf, water bottle, boot bag.

Toomanyworriedsonhere Wed 14-Nov-12 09:49:50

lego lego and more lego if he's anything like DS

Gipfeli Wed 14-Nov-12 09:52:17

My nearly 9 year old son would love anything Star Wars, any Lego. Lego games are also very popular with him.

derekthehamster Wed 14-Nov-12 09:53:57

Lego is a nice safe bet.

VoldemortsNipple Wed 14-Nov-12 12:59:12

If I was you I'd avoid clothes like the plague. He won't appreciate them and his parents might now have the same style.

I'd go for a nerf gun. They are great fun and its ok if you have more than one (for big battles) Out of my Dcs only one liked lego.

DoubleMum Wed 14-Nov-12 13:03:36

Yes to lego or nerf gun, definitely no to clothes!

tassisssss Wed 14-Nov-12 13:06:52

I think most 9 year olds have nerf guns already (though there are a zillion different versions).

My top suggestions for 9 year old boys (and I have one!) are over door basketball hoop or magnetic darts board. You can get either delivered from Hamleys and you'll have change form £20. Both are fab and still toys which is nice for a 9 year old I think.

My ds would love any lego too. The 3 in 1 sets are good play value and he'd love any lego star wars.

JessePinkman Wed 14-Nov-12 17:08:58

I will have to google nerf guns, they sound like fun.
Thank you all for your ideas, very helpful.

colditz Wed 14-Nov-12 17:13:23

Lol my nine year old would cry his eyes out if he got clothes vouchers for christmas

hanahsaunt Wed 14-Nov-12 18:16:59


Nerf do a water gun version which is good.

Taffeta Wed 14-Nov-12 18:20:22

My 9 yo would also hate Lego, Star Wars or Dr Who stuff.

He'd want itunes vouchers or a football. I can't bear Nerf guns and have to hide most of them as he's nearly had DD's eye out a few times.

Guinness Book of Records is usually a hit.

neverquitesure Wed 14-Nov-12 18:24:53

My 9 year old DSS would love Moshi Monsters, Lego, Nerf andiTunes vouchers. They know the value of money at this age, so he'd also be over the moon with a £20 note! He is also still into toys like HotWheels, those green plastics army figures & sets and Playmobil, but I would proceed with caution there.

Other presents that have been well received include a Lego board game called Minatour and a spy kit in a black briefcase that had a code breaker manual, invisible ink etc. I will try and find a link to it...

neverquitesure Wed 14-Nov-12 18:29:21

Spymaster briefcase

neverquitesure Wed 14-Nov-12 18:30:04

...meant to add that's it seems to be out of stock, but you may have luck finding it elsewhere.

IceNoSlice Wed 14-Nov-12 18:50:37

It's funny, my DNeph just turned 9 and asked for clothes- he's more into fashion than I am! So he would love clothes vouchers. But my DNeph (8) on the other side would hate clothes, preferring technical Lego or air fix models. So quite a tricky call. I'd be tempted to go for something like Lego but put a gift receipt with it if possible, in case he's already got that set or really isn't into Lego.

lia66 Thu 15-Nov-12 10:16:33

My ds dances and clothes are very important hence the suggestion. If you don't know him too well, I'd go with the Nerf suggestion. My ds would not be impressed with lego, or playmobil. He would be chuffed with a science kit though, (check what you need to actually make the experiments though as we couldn't make half of one we got due to the fact that you can't buy borax off the shelf as it's used to make bombs apparently shock

JessePinkman Thu 15-Nov-12 21:30:35

Just add twenty grams of uranium!
I like the ideas of the science kit and the nerf gun.
Thank you.

Kahlua4me Thu 15-Nov-12 21:33:56

Guinness Book of Records would be a hit for my 9 year old ds.

Flojo1979 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:35:46

Bop it
And I second lego, science kit, record book

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