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Dr Dre/Monster Beat headphones - why?

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sandyballs Wed 31-Oct-12 14:01:42

They are top of both DD's xmas list, just had a google and can't believe the cost! They start at £160, for a set of headphones! Amazon have forty quid off, but still!!

Why so expensive, does anyone know anything about them. Am I being a mug buying these, paying for the label and encouraging the DDs to be impressed by labels which they obviously are as they're top of their list!

cakeoholic Wed 31-Oct-12 14:32:07

They are good headphones but a bit like iphones, you could get something the same/better for less money but they are a bit iconic and the ones everyone just wants. currys have some on sale here in white black and red and you will get a £10 off voucher to use in Dec so could wait and get the 2nd pair then and hope they haven't gone up. Are they specific on which ones they want?

daisydoodoo Wed 07-Nov-12 14:34:04

im having the same dilemma. I brought ds1 the in ear ones last year, think they were £90, but now he would like the over ear ones at £239. I am stupidly debating if better to get from costco at £198 or HMV where he will also get £75 of itunes vouchers for £239?

i do worry what will happen with them when they are no longer cool?

i did see the solo ones (the £160 ones) on a market stall for £15. I assume that are fakes, they looked pretty good, but didnt have all the pouch etc with them, sounded fine too, but knew that i couldnt knowingly buy fakes even at 10% of the price.

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