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24 days of Christmas Activities

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flinkystanny Fri 26-Oct-12 17:45:31

Somebody mentioned they do this on another thread and I thought it was a lovely idea and am wanting to copy!
So, their idea is to do something Christmassy every day up until Christmas Eve.
So would need 24 ideas.
So far - 1) go to Christingle Service, 2) Panto, 3) Carol servic, 4) See Santa, 5) Decorate Xmas tree ....... need 19 other ideas!!!!
Can anyone help with other things to make/ do. Want it to be filled with lots of happy memory making moments (boak!)
I have a 6 yr old DD and 3 yr old DS

Rosvita Fri 26-Oct-12 17:59:21

Off the top of my head how about:
-making mince pies/Christmas biscuits
-watching a Christmas film with marshmallows and hot chocolate
-writing Christmas list and posting to Santa
-making a Christmas decoration-paper chains,snowflakes etc
-making a christmas card
-picking a special Xmas tree decoration from local garden centre
-driving to the nearest street full of decorated houses after dark (we have a cul-de-sac near us where every house is covered with lights,blow up Santas etc!
Hope that's given you some ideas -sure lots of other mummies will have some great ideas!

flinkystanny Fri 26-Oct-12 18:01:47

Ooh thankyou - love all of those! So we are up to 12 now brill, keep em coming

serin Fri 26-Oct-12 18:08:04

Carol singing

Making Christmas biscuits or cupcakes

Making Christmas cards

Making garlands

Act out your own nativity and film it

Make costumes (For the above nativity)

Find your nearest wishing tree and go and hang your wishes on it (they do this at Delamere forest, lovely idea)

Go for a long winter walk looking for signs of winter.

WWT reserves are great at winter, we usually visit on Christmas eve when its always quiet and you get to feed the geese in peace!

Make a Christmas candle or Advent wreath and burn a bit every night.

Go and visit some reindeer

Go to IKEA and eat reindeer grin

iloveholidays Fri 26-Oct-12 19:45:39

I was just thinking today about planning our activities, first time this year. Due in 2 weeks with DD3 do need to keep week day activities simple smile

I'm afraid I haven't thought of anything different to what the others have already suggested, apart from one where we spend a day at PIL doing their decorations.

Other than that, I'd planned...

Watching some christmas DVDs
Reading some new Christmas books
Making some Christmas cards
Making reindeer food
Making a garland.. I've bought a craft pack from the works for this
Snowman picture with either cotton wool or white tissue paper
Visiting garden centre
Santas grotto
Paper chains

I will be watching with interest though.

flinkystanny Sat 27-Oct-12 01:38:01

ooh, turning on of the xmas lights, though this may be in Nov?

Startailoforangeandgold Sat 27-Oct-12 02:10:01

Setting up the crib, although my DDs actually do this most days as the three kings tend to walk across the book case day by day.

pinknanny Sat 27-Oct-12 08:58:46

If you get Snow then-
Go sledging/Snowball fun/Make snowmen/Snow angels!!
That keeps the kids busy for hours! x

zinaida Sat 27-Oct-12 09:20:56

This is lovely! My LO is only 5 months but I plan to do this in future. How about:
- call grandparents/other relative and sing a carol down the phone to them
- buy a toy for local children's charity
-decorate gingerbread house!
-write a poem about christmas
-find out about christmas traditions around the globe
-look at photos from past christmases (including from when you were little)
-make and wrap presents (maybe marzipan fruit etc)
- go on a walk and have a competition who can be first to spot eg a santa decoration on a roof, a robin, some holly, etcmap
- make a christmas centrepiece for the table with candles and greenery, flowers etc (prob not suitable for 3 yo?)

ChestyNutterStaringInTheWindow Sat 27-Oct-12 11:14:30

Go to a Christmas market? Lincoln market is 6-9 th dec I think.

One of our local garden centres has a reindeer, anything like that near you?

Put the Christmas tree up smile

LadyLetch Sat 27-Oct-12 11:47:15

My children make calendars for family. They take a Christmas card, decorate it with glitter etc, add a little calendar at the bottom and a ribbon at the top.

Make gift tags for presents the same way. (it helps to keep last year's Christmas cards for this purpose).

Make Christmas scented candles (you can buy kits from ebay).

Make Christmas cards. If they're little, you can get them to just paint / glitter in Christmas colours, cut out small squares and mount onto a nice background (feather, nice paper etc) and then mount onto a nice card - makes a nice card whilst still being the children's work.

fuzzpig Sat 27-Oct-12 13:13:19

How exactly does one eat reindeer in ikea?!

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