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Anyone else not going mad with dc presents this year?

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Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 19:40:45

There having 5 presents each with no main present as they don't need anything big, plus a stocking of poundland tat like cards, aliens in slime, marbles. I would cut that down to 3 if I didn't think they would be disappointed.

Iv'e always gone OTT every year and end up clearing it off the the charity shop on my end of summer holidays clear out, and I have family that buys them quite a lot to. I just don't want to spend that type of money again on one day! (I love christmas)

They have a wii in their bedroom, an ipod touch ds, N3ds dd, 2 big toy boxes full, a craft box, a dressing up box countless dvds and books. There isn't anything they really need apart from a few board games. I'm just fed up of having to fill my living room with their presents to fit in with what everyone else does.

My mum thinks I'm being mean, I would prefer to spend the money on the lead up to christmas doing things like iceskating, westonburt lights, craft decorations and baking.

What do you christmas lovers think?

GupX Sat 06-Oct-12 19:47:44

5 presses each is much more than we do for our DTs.

We are very lucky, though, that we have a lot of lovely and generous family so they will not be short of presents.

They are only 3 though.

CHristmas isn't about what you spend. I totally agree time spent making memories is much more important. We're making christmas wreaths, popcorn garlands, paperchains, gingerbread house etc.

But as far as pressies go, they get a stocking (toothbrush, chocolate coins, wind up snail, trainwhistle, satsuma, small sticker book, bubble bath, new flannel), and then maybe one thing from us. We'll probably spend about £50 in total on them each.

NimChimpsky Sat 06-Oct-12 19:49:52

I adore Christmas more than anybody in the known world.

I have never spent more than £15 on presents for dd in her 6 Christmases on earth. This year I have bought her some walkie talkies, will get some stuff for a stocking and will knit/crochet some stuff and I'm painting a picture for her room. It's ds's second Christmas and I've bought him a puppet.

I don't have a problem at all with who buys what for whom at Christmas. Buy the entire shop or buy nothing. Different things suit different families but it's a shame when it's contracted down to gift giving to the extent that it's not appreciated or you feel guilty about it and it's the main focus.

Christmas for us is about the magic, the traditions. We make decorations, bake, sing carols, tell stories by firelight, spend time with family and friends, help out at charity events, go to Christmas markets, cuddle up and watch films with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate, listen for sleigh bells, hunt for Jack Frost, go for windswept walks, make food and crafty stuff for friends. And all of these things hold equal importance. The gifts are a tiny part of it.

daisydoodoo Sat 06-Oct-12 19:55:17

Like you open, I'm fed up with the house full of stuff just for the sake of its Xmas so we must buy lots to open.

Ds1 is 15 and oukd enough to understand that if he wants something then there is a budget to stick to. Ds2 is 10 and also old enough to want quality and not volume. The dd's are 6 and 3 so happy with 3 or 4 things to open.

I'm looking forward to a Christmas of less clutter and the dc enjoying the presents they receive instead of being overwhelmed with lots of stuff.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 06-Oct-12 20:03:15

Dd is getting older so I'm planning on less tat.

Book set
A Lego friends house
An echo locator for bat watching
A Harry potter audio book
A cd
Some smellies, like lip gloss, lush perfume, etc.
Maybe a hoodie
A jewellery box
Probably some stationary

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:03:50

It really feels in the last couple of years that the pressies have became the main event in my family, I dont mean the dc there 5 and almost 7, but with my mum, sister and nan.

Last year was lovely but more about what goodys we all got. sad

I would like to spend the day first with my dc then at my mums, having a laugh and seeing everyone, not ripping pressies that we don't need open.

booki Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:10:37

bookie the sad thing is, unless I send them to play in their bedroom or a friend comes over, apart from the gadgets, it never gets played with.

everydayaschoolday Sat 06-Oct-12 20:12:33

I'm changing this year too. 2DDs: 4yo and 18mths. Stocking has stickers, satsuma, choc coins, fun pens (for 4yo) etc (not big stocking - won't fit much more in it).

Then a santa sack that they got as babies from Mothercare. Sack will have practical presents that I'd have bought anyway - santa motif socks, character pants & vest, slippers, PJs, dressing gown, hat/scarf/gloves etc.

Then about 5 toy presents (all bought in sale or with discount code).

I'm more excited to get stuck in with kids baking cookies, drinking hot choc, painting pine cones etc on run up to christmas.

everydayaschoolday Sat 06-Oct-12 20:16:02

oh but I have been extravagant on books for them - so they will have quite a book pile each.

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:16:39

I'm really excited about making pine cone decs, snow flakes, gingerbread house, christmas bunting. I blame pintrest for this grin

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:18:08

We still haven't got through all the books I bought last year. I went mad with roah dahl collection, enid blytons, and horrible historys blush

everydayaschoolday Sat 06-Oct-12 20:23:23

Re-reading your OP. I don't think you're being mean and your mum's being unfair to say that. I think kids value our time and engagement so much more than unimaginative tat. Enjoy advent and all the crafty stuff and have loads of fun - that's what the kids will rave about at school smile.

Ummofumbridge Sat 06-Oct-12 20:28:02

We can't afford a big Christmas this year! Previously have gone ott but DH gets a very nice bonus in December and they don't get much the rest of the year. This year we know his bonus will be a lot less so I'm buying bits from eBay and 2nd hand from the local fb group I am on.
I must admit its actually quite fun and satisfying getting some beautiful and potentially expensive things for a few £'s!
Am also getting into car boots but trying not to get loads of tat just because it's a 'bargain'!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 06-Oct-12 20:29:32

Me and dd want to make a gingerbread house.

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 06-Oct-12 20:35:04

I have never really gone mad at Christmas. My DDs are teenagers so even small things are pricey for them so I am spending more each year, unfortunately. As far as we are concerned Christmas is a shared time so is more about spending time together and less about big expensive presents. Anything like bikes, phones and laptops are only ever bought for birthdays as this is their special day and big presents don't get lost in the overall excitement of everyone getting presents. DS is still in primary school so the girls love watching him open his stuff and I try to keep the sea of plastic tat at bay.

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:39:59

I suppose the trick for a scaled down christmas is toys they can actually play with there and then, instead of stuff just to open. Not to many so they loose bits either.

VivaLeBeaver Have you done one before?

Inneedofbrandy Sat 06-Oct-12 20:42:17

everyday That's how I was thinking, I can only remember the excitement of christmas and the family from my childhood christmas's not the pressies. (apart from the year I got a pink apollo bike which was the best ever present ever!)

Ragwort Sat 06-Oct-12 20:46:13

I don't think I've ever 'gone mad' with presents, I really hate the idea that Christmas is just about the presents, every year (and I've been here 11 years grin) I am shocked at the amount of money some Mumsnetters spend on Christmas presents .......... and then no doubt moan about the cost etc etc.

Most children in our society have far, far too much crap toys.

I am not anti-Christmas, I love it, hopefully for the real reason. smile

MumofWombat Sun 07-Oct-12 05:01:20

DS is only 18 months at the moment and already has soooo much. Loads of toys, a library of books and a wardrobe bigger than mine.
I'm planning on making a big fuss with going to see Santa (you don't get a pressie here, only photos), advent calendar, decorating the house, elf on a shelf, writing to Santa etc so that its more about the excitement and traditions as that what I remember from my childhood. To make it a bit easier, this year Christmas is at the inlaws so 3 hours away, so I'm not planning on taking loads for him.

SavoyCabbage Sun 07-Oct-12 05:21:41

I cut down on my presents the year I bought my dd a playmobil castle and then she wrote in her book at school that her favorite present was a triangle. Of the musical instrument variety.

NickyNackyNooNoo Sun 07-Oct-12 05:37:09

I've cut down too my DCs are 7 & 6 so at an age where Father Christmas is a big deal. We were talking the other day and I've told them that they have more than some children so I've asked father Christmas just to bring a stocking (containing pjs, toothpaste, stickers, etc) as they have such a lovely family who buys them loads.

By no means are they spoilt, we have a wii but no DSes or ipod touches etc, when it was Red Nose Day we saw about the children who rummaged in rubbish tips, it really affected my two and I think it's a lesson learnt to realise how lucky we are smile

Onadietcolabreak Sun 07-Oct-12 12:20:31

I'm cutting back too, was a bit shall I, shan't I, due to having less family this year, but the fact is, I just can't afford it and I always get short with them by the end of Dec as they just seem so board with there lot, so, they have good stuff in there stockings mixed with the tat and will get one gift each under the tree from me and then my DM and hopefully if he remembers any one but himself my little brother will bring them one gift each, then on Boxing Day they will get a board game to share.

If I can, I would much rather spend out on a panto, skating, cinema ect. I think time out together building happy memories is far more important now then adding yet more plastic to the pile.

Inneedofbrandy Sun 07-Oct-12 15:43:53

Santa only doing the stockings is a very good idea.

They will have stockings and the 5/6 presents I get them in the morning, going to my mums for lunch so presents again, then my nan will be spending boxing day with us so more presents again. Also my brother sister and auntie will buy them a decent present. I am debating wether to get them an original JD bug as there only £20 in halfords atm, but they already have scooters so quite a waste really to get another one because all there friends have them. They hardly go on them anyway prefer there bikes.

ValiumQueen Sun 07-Oct-12 16:43:33

I will be having a frugal Christmas this year, even more so than usual as I am on Mat leave with DC3. Thankfully family also buy gifts, so ours will not look too meagrely. DD1 will have a big box of second hand polly pocket stuff that I have been getting since the spring. Total spend about £20. Long paid for. DD2 age 2, will have hand-me-down clothes and toys, and DS will have toys, also handed down from his sisters. He will only be 8 weeks old, so unlikely to complain. Family will have school photos and hand made fudge.

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